Thanks for the Memories, George (Ode to 43)

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Leaders Who Are Man Enough to Accept Responsibility for Their Fuck-ups

Sure, it would be nice if our elected leaders had the balls to take responsibility for their fuck-ups {[(.. instead of trying to keep them secret)]}. Heck, that's what any honorable man would do.

Andrew Sullivan debates the legacy of George W Bush with David GergenAt least, for the really-bad shit ..

.. things that stain the very definition of what it means to be an American.

We're not talking about falling on your sword, or anything so noble.

But just a simple, "I fucked up. It was wrong to torture those innocent people to death,"

.. that would be a nice place to start.

But, if they refuse (..because they are too big of a pussy) .. then We (the People) will be forced to take responsibility for them.

I mean, it's not like we havent given them enough time .. to grow some cojones. I am talking about � time to cop and accept responsibility. (Like a man.)

Yes, I am talking about more than one thing here, but I'm sure you are smart enough to differentiate between the two.

George, I voted for you once, so I feel qualified to express my disappointment. I was living in Laguna at the time.

I remember because I had to go home and get two pieces of mail with my name and address on it. Cuz I hadnt been living there for very long.

So I almost said, "Fuck it." But I thought you were worth it.

I had such high hopes for you. I really did. I drank the Kool-Aide. Did you ever fool me.

<ignore this intentional body-text marker, George>

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Days of Fire (October, 2013) by Peter BakerDo you ever look back at your time in office and feel like the nation was a watered garden before ..

.. and a wasteland afterwards? Cuz that's the way it feels at street-level.

Economically. Morally. Socially. Constitutionally.

You could write a whole book about how badly shit went. (And some have done just that.)

You think I'm exaggerating, but I sometimes think you couldnt have fucked things up worse if you had tried.

Matter of fact .. in the CNN video that I link to above ..

.. there is a guy who says pretty much that (.. he having read a biography of your time in office).

He is a professional .. who gets paid to make such comments. In other words .. that is � what he does.

See if you can see how the following idea might resonate with the disappointed one-time Bush-voters like me �

� he was a spoiled rich kid who led a life of privilege few can fathom .. and what good did it do him? .. except to teach him that he could always get his lawyers to draft any memo he might need ..

.. to do even the most heinous, illegal shit .. Geneva Conventions be damned. (You know, George .. that thing you used to wipe your ass with.)

Does your mother know what you did?

Does she know how badly your 'decisions' stained the very definition of what it means to be an American?

I do not want [ and I'm sure that I speak for a majority of the American people when I say that I do not want ] my generation to be k.n.o.w.n a.s � the generation who tortured innocent people to death .. for a series of increasingly bizarre fabricated reasons ..

..and for displaying the incompetence that welcomed with open arms the incubator for the biggest financial fuck-up since (and INCLUDING, according to Bernanke's testimony regarding the AIG bail out) since the Great Depression.

I could keep going here ad nauseam, but I would begin to sound like a broken record. Suffice that you catch my drift.

This is why I can't help but think that the money spent to send you to Yale and Harvard .. woulda been better-spent elsewhere .. educating someone else.

George Bush | What the fuck, George?Were the lights just too bright for you?

Have you ever read the Prince? What did you think?

Here is the question everybody has concerning the Bush presidency � "What the fuck was that?"

You made the whole nation hang our heads in shame.

Thanks for all the good times, George. Thanks for the memories. (Cue exit music.)

And good luck with the painting. (Hitler was also quite the artist .. I hear.

You should check out that movie titled Max with John Cusack. It has good ratings. Maybe you want to check with � the Google. That's � what I do.

Here's the trailer.

I found the film rather interesting. You should watch it and see if anything in it resonates with you.

I have seen some of Hitler's art and truth be told, I think his paintings are better than yours. See for yourself. I'd be curious about your opinion.

The current (summer) issue of MHQ (Military History Quarterly) features an article on Hitler. His face sits large on the cover. His eyes seem to follow me around the room .. like that famous painting. Kinda creepy after a few days of Hitler watching you.

I have not yet read it, no. But I doubt they delve very far into his artistic endeavors. I dont see this particular article mentioned yet on their web site, or I would drop you a link.

Because of you, no Republican can ever be president again .. no matter how much money they raise or spend .. until your entire generation dies off.

Bad as all that shit is .. and yes, it is very bad shit .. the thing that most makes me lose respect for you ..

.. is how you push the blame down to the little guy.

George Bush | What the fuck, George?I wish I could get beyond that .. but I obviously can't.

Your failure to accept responsibility. Your refusal to accept responsibility.

Look at the picture of yourself there .. right above David Gergen's shiny head.

What kinds of feelings do you think your image evokes for most Americans?

To be honest, I am no big presidential historian .. but if there is another president who fucked up the country more ..

.. then that is one consequential fucker.

Five years later and we the people are still feeling the effects of the Bush legacy.

People Who Give Christianity a Bad Name

So perhaps you can understand how I might sometimes feel (not always, no) that people like you give Christianity a bad name.

Speaking of so called Christians who give Christianity a bad name, George .. werent you good friends with Ken Lay? Plenty of people seem to think you and Ken Lay were two peas in a pod. Both cut from the same cloth.

Ken Lay and George Bush | Two Peas in a PodDo you believe in guilt by association? Probably not .. because you don't believe in guilt unless it is somebody else's guilt.

George, the title of today's entry is � Exploring the Limits of Poetic License. Do you feel that I have in any way exceeded those limits? I mean, being an artist, like yourself.

You must admit that the two instances I used of that photo with you and whats-his-name there, whispering into your ear sweet nothings ..

.. that is a stroke of (artistic) genius .. (come on now, George, be honest.) .. as a way to visually represent the fact that a large percentage of the nation (roughly 99%, give or take a few billionaires) are still dealing with decisions that you and your administration made.

Anyway .. I do not feel as tho I have exceeded any poetic limits. Tho I have certainly explored those limits.

The part where I mention 'the Google' I feel I came closest. But I toned that down and God knows you deserve it .. you Luddite. (Nero fiddled while Rome burnt.)

Speaking of Luddites .. I think the reason you had such problems in office .. and yes, I have given this some thought .. is that you did not possess the ability to wield the complexity that the position (obviously) demands.

George W Bush with (inexperienced) FEMA director Michael 'Brownie' Brown during Hurricane Katrina in New Orleans, August 2005You were not able to finesse the complexity of the situations that the office presented to you.

"Invade! Blow shit up! Torture their asses to death! Uh, I mean, interrogate them using 'enhanced' methods ..

.. the Geneva Conventions? What's that? Get John Woo to write a memo that says it's okay for us to torture their assess .. uh, I mean, to use enhanced methods of interrogation ..

.. he's good at that shit. Good man, that Woo. He reminds me of Brownie."

It seems like you had only one knee-jerk move � shoot or don't shoot.

.. which would have been fine if you were [merely] a cowboy at the O K corral. And not our president.

You just did not have what it takes to do the job .. no matter how badly everybody wished you did. (I was praying for you.) And I can't help but think that your years as an alcoholic contributed to this.

In the past, you probably would have been just fine. But the times, they are a-changin'. And changing quickly.

Before 9-11 you were the golfing president. Well, even after 9-11 you were the golfing president .. but that's another story.

Does not the Bill-of-Rights itself give me the right to say this shit?

What's that? You've never heard of the Bill of Rights? Here, let me � give you a link.

Austin City Limits 2014But here's my point, George � sometimes certain things just need being said.

Cuz I could wax a whole lot uglier here. You're gonna have to trust me on that, hoss.

Speaking of waxing ugly .. what do you think of this Eminem guy? Some people say he is the voice of his generation .. like Dylan was the voice of his.

He *does* say some interesting shit. Have your daughters heard of him? I'm sure they have.

He is going to be appearing in your neck of the woods come October. At the Austin City Limits music festival. (Look at how they put his name at the very top.) You ever been?

Sounds like lots of fun. It probably brings lots of money into your state .. like SXSW.

Do you know where Zilker Park is? Do you still have Secret Service protection? If so, make those guys earn their keep. They might even enjoy a little time away from the ranch.

Blood Moon TetradLooks like the ACL festival is gonna fall on the second blood moon of the tetrad.

The energy will be enormous. And increasing.

Some people feel that having these celestial phenomena (things beyond the control of man) ..

.. occur during traditional Hebrew holidays � passover and sukkot ..

.. suggests an alignment of sorts not often seen in the lives of humans (earth-dwellers).

Anyway George, you should think about taking your daughters. I bet it would be fun. Lots of fun.

[ Is cannabis legal yet there in Texas? Like it is in Colorado and Washington state and even Alaska? Cannabis doesnt pickle your brain the way alcohol does.

The volatile liquid becomes a gas in your warm body and displaces the oxygen in your lungs .. which is like suffocating your brain .. damaging it over time.

That is why I feel you made such strange decisions.

Alcohol is a toxin .. hence the term � inTOXICated. In other words � it is a poison. (Poisons are generally bad for you.)

My brother put it this way � "Your brain is mostly fat. Alcohol dissolves fat. It's a solvent."

Do you feel like your years of heavy drinking dissolved away too much of your brain? This article at WebMD says that solvents can affect memory and thinking even decades later.

This article at Vanity Fair says that your brother Jeb smoked "a lot of dope" at Andover. Did he ever smoke with you, George?

Jack Daniels Pressure to Succeed

There must have been lots of pressure on you while growing up.

The pressure that would naturally accompany the expectations ..

.. associated with being raised in a home of such privilege.

I can understand that, sure. (To whom much is given...)

Pressure to succeed. Pressure to perform. Relentless pressure to live up to a pre-defined set of ideals ..

.. that maybe seem to be set a little too high for any mere human. Sure. Jack gave you an [ temporary ] escape from that pressure. From the burden of those expectations.

Certainly understandable. Most certainly.

Do you feel it damaged your ability (as the Decider-in-Chief) to make good, sound, well-thought decisions?

It's a valid question, no?

I thought you had lost your mind. But maybe it was just impaired.

Obama may have smoked a lot of pot .. but he still seems sharp to me. Mentally speaking .. regardless of how you might feel about his decisions.

He doesnt have that glazed-over look associated with heavy, long-term drinking.

Tho myself, I have never been much of a drinker .. I do (for some reason) however, get-along-well-with those who are so inclined.

I am talking about those who have had trouble with alcohol (.. usually because they had dysfunctional and abusive moms).

This is why I feel that I would get along good with you, George. But I wouldnt want to get very close to you .. because I wouldnt want any of your lightning bolts getting off on me.

A Look at the Bush Presidency in History's Rearview Mirror

Now that it has been 5-to-13 years later, you can look back with a broader, wider perspective .. and with the advantage of knowing how things played out. Historically speaking.

A position from which it is easier to reflect. From a vantage point that you did not have then.

Andrew Sullivan debates the legacy of George W Bush with David GergenDo you feel like a political pariah? I would guess you do.

Seeing how both McCain and Mitt kept you away during their campaigns.

Like they didnt want your image to be associated with either of them.

And I doubt the next Republican candidate will be seeking many photo ops with you at their side.

Even with Monica dogging him, and after lying to the American people (into the camera) with a straight face, Bill Clinton does not have that problem.

Your presidency was so disastrous on so many levels that it led white America to say � "Let's try a black guy." Yes, you are the reason that Obama is president.

I know you will argue that he is only half-black, but he looks all-black to me. And to most of white America.

No dark-skinned man could ever have been elected president were it not for your colossal fuck-ups. You know it's true, George. (As do McCain and Mitt.)

Do you feel politically irrelevant? Or worse .. like a political liability?

After all that you did for your party .. *this* is the thanks you get? (The ingrates.)

Oliver Stone Says Cheney Not Bush's Puppet Master

Speaking of thanks .. what did you think of Oliver Stone's biopic W.? Which portrays you as calling the shots and putting Cheney in his place.

George W Bush and Five-Deferment CheneyI had always thought that Five-Deferment Cheney was the puppet-master ..

.. as the experienced Washington insider ..

.. pulling the strings from behind the scenes.

But Stone says no.

Rotten Tomatoes describes the film like this �

� Josh Brolin stars as George W. Bush in this Oliver Stone biopic that traces the head-of-state's rise-to-power from a privileged-alcoholic to a born-again Christian whose belief in religious destiny helped move him to the top ranks of political power.

That's a mouthful, aint it?

In Film school circles, Oliver Stone is known for his innovative use of sound/audio. (Roar of a lion, for example. The rattle of an excited rattlesnake, ready to strike.)

Your "religious destiny" seems to have worked out rather well for the fabulously wealthy and hedge fund owners. But for the rest of us .. not so much, I'm sad to say.

Perhaps you can see why a man might say � If that is what it means to be a Christian, then maybe I'll try Buddhism. They don't believe in torture, right? Or maximizing inequality .. economically or socially. ]

Everybody says that you would be the best former president to go have a beer with. Do you feel that is true? Myself, I would like to have a beer with this new pope.

Oh, I see you were born in Connecticut. There's something we have in common. I was born in a suburb of New Haven. Yes, in New Haven county. Westville was my old stomping grounds.

And like you, my brother went to Yale. If you ever need an operation, I can get you a good deal. Tho you probably have free medical for life (on the People's dime).

Real Texans tell me that you are "not a real Texan" .. because you were NOT BORN THERE.

I know this sounds absurd but there you have it. And you know that is what they say.

The end. ?

Thomas Piketty<update March 2014 Piketty book>

Speaking of free medical for life on the People's dime ..

George, what do you think of the new Piketty book .. that everybody is talking about?

Your thoughts?

He basically says that rich fucks like you are going to use their wealth to purchase influence with our government ..

.. which will result in poor fucks like us receiving an ever-increasing length of your rich shaft ..

.. corrupting the very essence of democracy itself. He seems to have a point, if you ask me.

He says that inequality is approaching levels not seen since Nineteenth century Europe. How do you feel about that, George? About helping to take the nation back to the Nineteenth century.

You probably feel pretty good .. seeing that the infamous tax-cuts for the wealthy that bear your name are but one of the factors contributing to this phenomenon. Does that make you feel proud? (Certainly the rich love you for it.)

Personally, I dont see what all the hubbub over this new Piketty book is all about. I mean, we basically have a French dude who is saying that inequality is bad (high) and getting worse. As a man in the street, I think"Dude, tell us something we dont already know." [ From people like Stiglitz. ]

Do you feel or interpret this as � inequality is good (high) and getting better?

Do you feel fiscally irresponsible about the way you started two wars and greatly expanded an entitlement program .. and put it all on the nation's credit card?

Basically George, if your generation refuses to pay its own bills, that means that future generations will have to pay your bills for you. Was that your plan? (I heard that it was.)

Such behavior might be categorized as � irresponsible (.. similar to the way people feel about drinking to excess). 

The Holy Grail | Choose wisely, GeorgeIf you had to choose between helping the the rich-n-powerful or the poor-n-helpless ..

.. which would you choose? (Choose wisely, George.)

Actually, you neednt answer. Because � actions speak louder.

It seems like you armchair generals, who never had to dodge a bullet yourselves ..

.. take lightly the sending of young men into harm's way.

But then you balk at caring for them when they return with serious injuries.

It seems like you are reluctant to spend the money that is necessary to provide our veterans with the medical care they so desperately require when they return home broken from the battles that you send them to fight.

What the fuck? Shame the fuck on you.

You should do like Jesus told the rich young ruler (you *are* a Christian, right, George?

Or did you just say that to get elected? Being 'believers' by nature, Christians tend to be gullible. I'm sure that they wanted to believe you.) � sell all that your have and give it to the poor.

George Bush Friend of the Rich, No Friend of the Poor

Sao Paulo, Brazil | Inequality Demonstrated PhotographicallyAnd then try to live like a regular schmuck.

Then you will see more clearly what I am talking about.

You will be educated right proper. And in a hurry.

Many of the policies, such as increasing inequality and torture, that you actively promoted ..

.. run contrary to scriptural doctrine. (I could go on here, if you would like.) This is why I question the genuineness of your faith.

You actions seem downright unAmerican to me. And it appears that the students and the faculty at Rutgers would concur .. seeing that they protested the selection of your former Secretary of State ..

.. when they said that her appearance there would be a sign that both students and faculty at the university are � "..encouraging and perpetuating a world that justifies torture and debases humanity." (unquote)

Strong words .. but you must admit, George � they do have a point. (Tho Egan makes an interesting counterpoint.) When the Eternal books of Justice are opened ..

.. nobody wants to be standing there looking like they condoned torture ..

.. the indisputable use of torture .. especially not the torturing to death of innocents.

Because blood, certainly innocent blood, speaks on into eternity. Scripture says that God avenges blood.

Heil Hitler! (with exuberant enthusiasm)Forget about issues of criminality ..

I am more interested to learn � do you feel any sense of empathy for those tortured to death?

The term empathy is defined as � the capacity to understand another person's point-of-view or the result of such understanding.

Empathy seems to be similar to � compassion.

Do you feel compassion for them? (For the people tortured to death by the United States.)

We already know that you do not feel any sense of responsibility .. at least, none that you have ever made public.

What about shame, George? Do you feel any sense of shame?

George, how can you determine what is and what is not torture .. if you yourself have never experienced the thing in question?

Have you ever been water-boarded? I doubt it.

Because, if you had, then you would know that it is most certainly torture.

But that shit is all behind us now. The history books have already been written. Let's look to the future .. like the last ghost tells Scrooge holding a candle.

What really bothers me today, George, is the way some of your appointees on the Supreme court are giving MORE voice to money .. as they take it away from the poor .. by putting obstacles in their way to the voting booth.

You should talk to them. Maybe tell them that this is not what you had in mind when you appointed them.

You would think that the voice of the man on the dollar bill speaks with more importance than that of the average (flesh-n-blood) citizen.

Or better yet .. tell them to � knock that shit off. (It makes us look bad.)

[ Update Oct, 9, 2014 � Ooh, George .. if you had anything to do with � this, then you get major kudos. Nice work, dawg  Keep up the good work. End update Oct 9. ]

Another thing that I think you should work on is � getting so many people out of solitary confinement (.. cuz it fucks up their heads something fierce).

If you dont believe me, then I would simply challenge you .. to spend a few days incarcerated in solitary. I am sure that the lightbulb will come on for you in a hurry.

You remember what Genesis 2:18 says, right? � It is NOT GOOD that the man should be alone.

Call me crazy but I think that high schoolers should be given a day-trip to tour a local jail. Not to freak them out, no. Rather because tomorrow's generation will have more compassion for the less-fortunate .. than your generation has shown.

If you dont want your tax dollars to help the poor, then stop saying you want a country based on Christian Values, because you dont - Jimmy CarterLook at the redemptive thing that Carter did with his post-presidency.

He is respected round the world.

As a model humanitarian.

He speaks to the nations. And they listen.

Heck, even Hank Paulson has gotten into the redemptive act.

You remember Hank, right? He's the guy who was at the helm at Treasury when the economy hit the sub-prime iceberg.

And just like the Titanic .. the rich live to play another day while the poor schmucks die miserably in the cold, dark waters.

I like this sentence from his opening paragraph � "If there's one thing I've learned throughout my work in finance, government and conservation, it is to act before problems become too big to manage."

I bet. I couldnt help but chuckle to myself. Good for you, Hank. See George, if Hank can do it, so can you.

George, here is something else you can work on fixing in your spare time when you are not painting or golfing.

Speaking of remarkable transformations, George .. what did you think about the new Gatsby flick?

I would have enjoyed watching that with you. To see if there were any parts that resonated with you .. and exploring your feelings regarding those resonations.

That kind of shit interests me.

Austin City Limits 2014And speaking of stuff that interests me ..

.. if you *do* go to the Austin City Limits music festival (.. looks like the first weekend is sold out already) ..

.. perhaps the conundrum of privilege will occur to you .. how one person takes this and makes that .. while another takes that and makes this.

See, I can be subtle. I can be understated. Tho sometimes it behooves us to be plain. No?

The problem however, is that you government types .. you "civil-servants" .. do not understand subtle. You only understandmoney. (Or so it would seem.)

Another thing, George, that I find disturbing is � how our nation treats the poor. Stephen Colbert jokes about it, but I assure you, it it no laughing matter, especially when you are on the receiving end.

I would like you to see what you can do along these lines to help those who cannot help themselves. Use whatever clout you might have left.

Because most so-called Christians could give a rat's ass. In fact, they are the very ones fucking over these people.

Anyway .. to be honest, I doubt you have any interest in reading the Piketty book.

Fyodor Dostoevsky (1821-1881)What about Dostoevsky? Ever read any of his stuff?

How about Tolstoy? Nietzsche? Kafka? Stendhal? Fitzgerald? Hemingway? Steinbeck?

How about George Orwell? Lemony Snicket maybe?

Far as living authors go .. Vincent sends his best, I'm sure.

<end Piketty update>

End of the update. ??

Update #2 - August 2, 2014

Irish, Beautiful, Witty, Subtle and Dangerous

� Maureen Dowd wrote a piece today titled � Throw the Book at Him.

I want to warn you, George, not to read it. You probably think, as I did, from the title, that this is probably a piece about your buddy, John Q. Brennan, the head of the CIA, and how he admitted lying to Congress and hacking into Senate computers. (Both are crimes, no?)

Maureen Dowd | Irish, beautiful, witty, subtle and dangerousAnd yes, she does mention this. But it's really a story about � YOU. And how you are writing a book about your dad.

(She is tricky like that, yes.)

I know .. Maureen always uses vague titles like this. So you never really know what to expect wih her.

You have to actually read her articles to see what she is writing about.

She can be vicious, George. I mean, sure, she looks all sweet and pretty, but don't let her looks fool you.

Because, when she is feeling her oats, she let's fly with the [ thunder ] � bolts. [ Did you catch my rap, there? ]

An article posted here begins with this sentence � "Peggy Noonan, who wrote some of Reagan's best speeches, is the right wing's Maureen Dowd: Irish, beautiful, witty, subtle and dangerous." [ key word � dangerous. ]

I would not want to be on the receiving end of her wrath. (It must be true what they say about red-heads and their fiery temperment. I bet she owns a pair of stilettos .. and knows how to use them.)

Maureen reminds me of this girl I used to date. (In more ways than one). There are definitely similarities beyond (mere) appearance. But that's another story .. one I have not yet told.

Maureen's Bad Trip & Willie's Sage Advice

Maureen, Willie Nelson has some advice for you. You should hook up with him. He has invited you. How cool would it be to say � "I got high right-proper with Willie Nelson on his tour bus as we drove thru ..."

Rad note � This section about Maureen's experience and Willie's advice has been moved to its own separate page .. see here � Maureen's Bad Trip & Willie Sage Advice

At the end of that page you will find a link that will return you back here to this exact section.

"You want to go mano a mano right here, bitch?"

The thing that really stood out for me from Maureen's piece (.. which I find hard to believe, George) � did you really threaten to kick your dad's ass when you were 26?..

.. after coming home drunk and crashing your car into the neighbor's trash cans?

.. and then saying to your dad � "You want to go mano a mano right here, bitch?"

.. after he came out in his pajamas and bath robe late at night to see wtf all the commotion was about?

What's with the Anger at Dad? The Hostility?

Sigmund Freud (1856-1939)I am certainly no Sigmund Schlomo .. but I feel that your response suggests a deep-seated anger.

I mean, most sons who found themselves in a similar situation would have simply said �

"Sorry, dad. Guess I had a little too much to drink. I'll pay for new trashcans."

[[ Update � Frank says he found the source of your anger, of your rage. It seems so obvious now.

See here (4th paragraph) � "And as he gazed at Jeb, I noticed in his eyes what George must have spotted, craved and inwardly raged about for so much of his life: an admiration that he had been hard pressed to elicit."

end Frank update. Hi Frank. You rock. ]]

This tells me, George, that � when confronted with shit that you are obviously guilty of .. your knee-jerk reaction is to � threaten the person who confronts you with your misdeeds ..

.. even if that means you must resort to threatening them with bodily harm. And even if the person whom you threaten happens to be your very own father.

And when I look at your response to "indesputable" evidence of torture .. it seems like nothing has changed.

That's what real men do, George .. they take responsibility for their shit. For their fuck-ups.

The Mark of the Exceptional Man

It is not the easiest thing to do, no. But that's why it marks the exceptional man. W | the Oliver Stone Film about George W BushOf course, the really exceptional man ..

.. takes responsibility for not-only his OWN shit .. but also for that of others.

But it would seem that this is something you know nothing about, George.

This is why Us-the-People must accept responsibility FOR you .. because your cojones are the size of peas.

We gave you five years to think about it. Was that not enough time?

Everybody makes mistakes, George. It's called 'being human'.

But some of us make bigger mistakes than others .. and some mistakes cause more hurt than others. They do more damage. They cause more pain and suffering. Of this, I'm sure you agree. (Because it seems so obvious.)

Keep Your Blood Money

But giving people [ mere ] money because you killed most of their family (.. based on faulty information) .. does not begin to make re$titution.

I know that money is all-important to the rich. But, for the rest of us .. we would rather have our families. So you can keep your blood money.

Speaking of making mistakes that cause harm and do damage...

 Cost of Crashing into Things Coming Home at Night During Our Youth

Speaking of crashing into shit .. while coming home at night during the days of our youth ..

.. when I was 17 or 18, I crashed into (through) the neighbors wooden fence on New Year's eve.

But I hadnt been drinking. No.

[ I've never been much of a drinker. Tho I certainly know how. I earned my honorary Jos� Cuervo merit badge. I merely lack the staying-power displayed by the truely committed devotee. ]

Rather it was snowing and I was coming home from work (pumping gas at a Getty station). This is before my Navy days.

The roads were slick and I sorta missed the driveway. It had just started snowing, but it was coming down pretty good. Big flakes. Just a few feet further and I would've hit their swimming pool. It was very close. (Yeah, that woulda been ugly. And wet.)

I was planning to change my clothes and go out partying (like you). My dad thought I was a fuck-up, too .. cuz I did not share his values ..

.. which often placed money above everything else (includng me). Tho I am confident that your dad did not hold these same values ..

.. even tho he did live thru the Great Depression .. which seems to have skewed the priorities of those who lived thru it .. to make moneyall-important to them.

But I did not threaten to kick my dad's ass when he made me pay to repair the neighbor's fence ($220).

I sometimes wonder what might have happened .. if I hadnt crashed into [ through ] that fence. [ Major bummer. ]

Because I was feeling good that night. Very good. And I was planning to go out and have some serious fun. Certainly anything was possible that night.

Ozymandias | Look on my works ye mighty and despairA Small Price to Pay

I think Maureen was a little hard on you, George ..

.. but, if this is what it takes to keep our leaders from torturing innocent people to death in the name of the American people ..

.. then maybe it is a small price to pay. (Relatively speaking.)

There is however, one article published at the New York Times that you should read � Why We Fight Wars (by Paul Krugman).

Read his article carefully, George, and then try to see if you can understand why he has a Nobel prize .. and the only thing that you have is innocent blood on your hands. Did the lightbulb of history come on for for you?

Anger & Hostility? Physical Threats?

What's with your anger and hostility toward your dad? He seems like such a great guy to me.

Most kids would have LOVED to had a dad like yours ..

.. getting you into Yale and Harvard like that (.. what a waste of an expensive education) .. and keeping you out of the war .. like Five-Deferment Cheney. Beautiful. (For you.)

Freud would probably say that you were taking out your hostility toward your dad on those innocent Iraqies.

They call that � displacement. It basically means that you don't have the balls to confront the real person who you are angry with ..

.. so you take out your hostilities and frustrations on innocent people (.. like Dilawar).

[ I have felt myself taking out the frustrations that I felt toward some women .. on other women. (But they seem to enjoy that.) ]

Most people who do stupid shit havent had all the advantages that you have had, George. This is why I feel you should be held to a HIGHER standard .. not a lower one (.. blaming your fuck-ups on those below you).

I had to work my way thru college, George .. which is why it took me 10 years to earn my degree (BSc) .. with a course here and a course there. Here a course, there a course. So maybe you can see why I wonder what it must be like to have parents like you did .. to foot the bill.

If you have a beef with your dad, you should talk to him about it .. while he is still alive. And not displace your anger toward him on to innocent people. Feel me?

And my experience has been .. that you should not wait until he is on his death bed. I mean, he's in his 90's, right? Come on.

<End Maureen Dowd article update with tell-tale angry, threatening response to obvious fuck-up.> ???

Dilawar | BT 421George meet Dilawar

George, remind me to introduce you to Dilawar. His blood is crying out against you ..

.. you the former "Decider-in-Chief".

So you should probably become acquainted with him now.

Because you will be hearing all about it soon. A decade or two, maybe.

Your years of heavy drinking will likely cut your longevity.

His blood is saying that you are not a true believer ..

..and that you are merely a pretender .. and that you merely pretended to be a real Christian .. in order to get elected.

George W Bush (1946-2xxx)The Great Pretender?

Cuz you recognized how gullible Christians can be.

Being the wealthy man that you are, and having come from a wealthy family ..

.. you must have felt like a fish-out-of-water, hanging out with those Christians, no?

Seeing that they tend not to be wealthy, like yourself ..

.. or at least that is what James says. One of the pillars of the church (..according to Paul).

You've heard of James, yes?

What did you do for the poor during your time in office?

Maybe this is why I can almost hear a voice saying � "That leopard hasnt changed his spots."

By their fruit shall ye know them.

If Christianity were illegal, and I were somehow assigned to prosecute .. and my boss brought your case to my desk .. I would have say � "Sir, we do not have enough evidence to bring this case to trial. This man is innocent. All we have is his own words .. which are not hardly congruent with his actions. I mean, just because somebody SAYS he's a criminal .. doesnt mean that he really is."

My definition of a hypocrite .. is � someone who seems to know what is right for everybody else .. except for themselves. You know anybody like that, George?

Speaking of right and wrong .. you and Dilawar are gonna have lots to talk about. Just giving you a heads-up.

Don't say you werent warned. Feel me? I know you do.

The end. Fini. Say 'Hi' to Five-Deferment Cheney for me. They're coming for you, George. Look.

[ And call Karl Rove to check on him because he seems to be in port-traumatic shock. ]

Some day, George .. some fine day .. no, I dont know when that will be .. but some day .. my intuition is telling me .. some day you are going to SEE .. the path that God had laid out for you ..

.. and you are going to cry. Because I can guarantee you that torture was not a part of that plan.

And because of all the advantages that you have had. Advantages that were either squandered or misused for dysfunctional ends.

For the photo of George that I used just above .. the close-up .. I am somehow reminded of the Commodore .. and my Asian Anesthesiologist .. in that I DON'T see it in his eye .. nor do I hear it in his voice.

When I look into your eye, George .. I do not see this same sense of aware 'knowing' .. that I saw with the Commodore and with my Asian Anesthesiologist. Rather I see a Fyodor Karamazov-kind of smarts.

Update, George. You gotta read this article from a professor at Georgetown Law, titled � Did the Torture Report Give the CIA a Bum Rap? Wow. That knife is sharp. Here's another.

Even Condi tried to persuade you, saying � "Dont let this be your legacy."

I felt my respect for her grow after I heard that. But you wouldnt listen.

Now your legacy is that of an administration who tortured to death innocent people.


Morphine for the Poor Who Are Dying of Cancer

PS - I thought of you today, George .. when I read this article about how large numbers of the poor are � dying of cancer without morphine.

I thought this is something that you could take upon yourself .. as a way of trying to make restitution .. for all the pain and misery and suffering your decisions have caused for so many.

In reality, you could never fully make restitution .. but that shouldnt stop you from at least trying.

Hopefully you can see how an endeavor such as this might have a cleansing effect on your torture-embracing (pain-giving) record.

And if you could execute such a thing skillfully and expeditiously .. uh, that might even do something about the stain of incompetence that plagues the record of your administration.

You should contact the author Ronald Piana and see how you might be of service (.. long as it doesnt cut too terribly into your painting time, of course).

Compassionate conservatism .. that's what you and your kind are supposedly about, right?

Carter builds homes for the poor .. while you get morphine for the poor who are dying of cancer in excruciating pain .. that you cannot even imagine.

You've already done plenty for the rich .. havent you?

I cant imagine them complaining very much if you were to suddenly start helping the poor for once. (But hey, you know what they say about the rich.)

Think about it. I will send somebody to pitch it to you .. like they teach you to do at Film school.

I have never tried morphine or heroin (.. needles, yuk) but I hear that pretty much every American who reaches old age meets their end while on the stuff. (Even when they don't have cancer.)

One time I got a shot of Demerol in my ass .. right before the Navy yanked out my tonsils .. there in the Seattle area. Two shots, actually. Because the shot was "too big for one ass cheek."

One needle, two ass cheeks.

I can assure you that I was feeling no pain.

I was so gonzo that I wondered if I could even stand. The nurse chewed me out for that .. when she came back into the room .. to check on me.

The guy in the other hospital bed was getting out his tonsils the next day. "You are gonna LOVE this, tomorrow," I told him.

The worst part was when the surgeon, a full bird Captain, cauterized my throat. "What's that I smell? Something smells like burning flesh."

My brother told me that Demerol is "Good shit," while Codeine is "a barbaric drug."

Both my mother and grandfather (maternal) died of cancer .. so I know (up close and personal) how badly it sucks .. even WITH morphine.

Dying of cancer withOUT morphine .. that sounds like torture to me.

Make it stop, George. You can do it.

If we can figure out a way to get many tons of bombs over to Iraq and other places located on the other side of the world ..

.. then we should also be able to figure out a way to get morphine to the poor who are dying of cancer there. No?

Jean Edward Smith | Author of 'Bush' documentary published July, 2016Yes.

Or are you really devoid of the ability to feel empathy ..

.. for a poor, weak, forsaken, suffering fellow human being?

Do you really not give a rats ass about them?

"Now watch this drive, bitch."

Morphine for the poor who are dying of cancer. That is a good idea.

Thank-you, Ronald, for bringing that to our attention. Now we can do something about it.

We will give George first crack at it. If he proves unable, tho, then we will be forced go to plan B.

But let's first give George an opportunity. So he will have no excuse.

But maybe he is only really interested in sending bombs over to the other side of the globe. (Stranger shit has happened.)

I would totally like to contribute to something like that .. where you can help alleviate the horrible suffering of so many people and in such a big way .. so inexpensively.

Looks like rather inexpensive karma points to me. Things a wise wealthy person would gladly invest in.

But perhaps he is only interested in causing people to suffer .. and not about helping to alleviate it.

End of the PS. ?????

Jeb Blows a Softball Question

Update May 13, 2015 � Look, George. Your fuck-ups are so huge that they are even � haunting your brother.

More than a decade later.

Jeb Bush speaks to Clark county republicans in Las Vegas May 13, 2015People seem to want to know � "Is Jeb any smarter than George?"

I know that this bar is not set very high, but we need to start somewhere.

George, while I am here updating my tribute-page for you .. have you seen � this?

I read this vote as � Big Brother88; The Fourth Amendment (Edward Snowden) � 338.

How do you like them apples, George?

Say hi to Jeb for me.

You should probably call him and give him some more advice.

Because he seems to be having trouble .. with really basic shit.

Okay, I see he has finally figured it out.

Notice here how he ties your decision to send troops into harm's way in Iraq � to the issue of young lives lost in vain. (Wasted on building up George's damaged cowboy ego. )

Think about that, George.

That's a valid question, no?

In retrospect it certainly is.

Did your decisions cause young men to loose their lives in vain?

We already know that your decisions caused young men to lose their lives.

The question that Jeb raises is � were those lives lost in vain?

Ivy Sends Her Regards, George

The lovely Ivy Ziedrich, a student at the Univ of Nevada who reads Howard ZinnI couldnt help but notice that another Bush was caught playing the blame game.

"A Bush was trying to blame ISIS on Obama's foreign policy -- it was hilarious," said Ms. Ziedrich, who attends the University of Nevada. "It was like somebody crashing their car and blaming the passenger."

Is this (blaming others for your fuck-ups) something that you learned growing up? 

I cant imagine that you learned this behavior from your dad.

But it would seem to run in the family.

What about personal accountability?

[ Krugman says that � "The Bush family has a history both of never admitting mistakes and of sticking with loyal family retainers no matter how badly they fuck things up." ]

I noticed that Ivyreads Howard Zinn.

You ever read any Howard Zinn, George?

(I doubt it.)

The thing that the democrats would love most here is a picture of you whispering advice into your brother's ear.

I wish that both you and 5-deferment Cheney would have been exposed to some combat duty.

Because then, I feel that your worst decisions would have been different. Much different.

How's your buddy, Ken Lay, doing?

How about Brownie?

Nietzsche in the RearviewIsnt hindsight a wonderful thing?

It feels like it has been a lot longer than 6 years, doesnt it?

Did you ever make it to Austin City Limits?

(Probably not, I would guess.)

How goes the painting?

Have you see this? So keep at it.

Heck, with numbers like that, I might take up painting myself.

End of the May 13 update with Jeb and Ivy. ??????

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