Maureen's Bad Trip & Willie's Sage Advice

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» Maureen's Bad Trip & Willie's Sage Advice

[[ Maureen, Willie Nelson has some advice for you. You should hook up with him. He has invited you.

How cool would it be to say » "I got high right-proper with Willie Nelson on his tour bus as we drove thru ..."

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The stuff they grow these days is so potent that all you need is the littlest puff .. and you're good to go.

The energy of the people surrounding you is also very important. You want to be around positive energy .. with compassionate, caring people.

If I had your clout, I would also invite Snoop Dogg, Ziggy & Rihanna along for the ride.

Then, you wouldnt even need to actually smoke anything .. in order to feel the love.

I would definitely be interested in reading about that.

If I were there with you, I could have made everything all better for you. Because I have a highly-refined proprietary technique. Nuclear grade. ]]

» Maureen Rides with Willie on His Bus!

Update Sept 20, 2014 » I see that you actually did go visit Willie on his tour bus. I confess that I did not think you would.

You said that you were shy about it, but did it anyway. Good for you. It is good for us to get out of our comfort zones, sometimes.

Tho the article seemed so short. You left me wanting more. Hopefully you will publish a series of follow-ups.

Most surprising was where you quote Willie as saying he was a mean drunk. I honestly cannot picture Willie Nelson as mean. Drunk or otherwise. But I have heard that 'nastiness' comes with the advanced stages of alcoholism.

When I saw the link to your article on the home page of the NY Times » Dowd: On Willie Nelson's Bus .. I admit that the thought captivated me. A smile broke and crept across my face as I clicked on the link.

Willie advises (like me, in my mini Rad guide just below) NOT TO EAT the medicine (.. unless you are a child).

I have never eaten the stuff, myself .. but it was merely intuition that told me not to.

I remember being at a party in Laguna Beach, where somebody had brought brownies .. made with love, of course .. and the girl who I was there with told me » "They give you more of a body-high than a head high."

I did not know exactly what she meant by that, but I was clearly uncomfortable with the idea. "What if I don't like it?" I thought.

Willie Nelson is 81? That was hard to accept. It definitely torqued my head a turn or two. Because he seems so full of life. Even now, I feel like somebody must have made a math error somewhere.

You close by mentioning Obama's "Choom Gang". I heard about that from the Frontline feature on The Choice 2012.

Do you think he "sneaks off" from time to time? We don't want our president totally wasted .. but a little puff from time to time can help take the edge off at the end of a long, hard week.

If you can "sneak off" on a operating nuclear-powered ballistic-missile submarine (underway with 150 guys) .. then you can sneak off as president. I see no problem with that. Therapy as necessary. Stress relief is important for our president.

I have some good stories along these lines. Very good.

I think most Americans feel the same. I mean, if they are okay with hiring (electing) a known former alcoholic ..

.. then they almost assuredly would have no problem with a president who retires to the rooftop .. for a half-puff of something to take the edge off ..

.. the edge that comes from crazy people sneaking into your house .. with knives, and with guns out in the car. That's gotta set your nerves on edge, no?

This is the place where you want some indica-based hybrid. The kind that slows down your nerves.

Now, our president needs presence of mind at all times .. even when he is awaken froma dead sleep. (You recall the Hillary 3AM ad, yes? There are valid points to that idea, sure.)

But hopefully, you have a team of smart, well-educated people on staff at all times .. to handle whatever emergencies might arise. But that's another story.

[[ Dude, I am no constitutional scholar, like yourself, but my intuition tells me that you are going to burn in constitutional hell .. for murdering Anwar al-Awlaki. So enjoy your rooftop sneak-aways .. while you still can. Egan says there's hope for your redemption. We'll see.

But while I have you .. there is a new PBS special on » The Roosevelts. By Ken "The Stud" Burns. Super outstanding. Most inspirational. I am only on Part 2 (of 7), but already, I am seeing things that I did not see before.

Did I say it was inspirational? ]]

I also noted, Maureen, where you mentioned the Denver billboard of a hotel room .. where you wrote that it was » "far too neat to be mine." That made me chuckle.

You are taking this whole unfortunate thing rather well .. turning a negative into a positive. Impressive. By the way, are you related to Matthew?

<end update sept 20 maureen rides with willie>

» Rad Guide to Cannabis

I will craft a Rad Guide to Cannabis for you and folks like you. It may take me a while, but rule #1 will be » DONT EAT cannabis ..

.. for reasons made abundantly clear by your experience.

If you go to enough parties in Laguna Beach, you will eventually come across some home-made brownies. Remember rule #1 and say » "No thank-you."

This 2-minute video well illustrates the effect that cannabis has on your brain. And this video explains the difference between the two different strains (..SATIVA for social or cerebral uplifting and INDICA to relax or maybe even help you sleep).

You don't want to partake of the medicinal herb if you are in a bad place, mentally, or heading in a bad direction .. because of the persistence factor that cannabis tends to enhance.

Avoid it if there are things bothering you .. if there are things weighing on your mind .. because you don't want your mind to run away on you to a bad place.

The best experiences will come when you can be with a group of friends who you trust and love .. and who likewise trust and love you.

Some people use the herb by first pausing with a moment of prayerful dedication .. with the intention to get better in touch with their inner-person, their spirit, their conscience, that place where the Spirit of God lives inside them.

While I am not quite this much of a purist, I should note that these types of people never have a bad experience and they tend to be lovely people who are enjoyable to be around .. whether high or not.

Try taking a half-puff of a sativa-dominant strain and going for a long barefoot run on the beach at sunset. Or maybe before you get a candlelit massage at Esalen .. the kind where they pour warm sesame oil down your spine and into the crack of your butt. (You havent lived until you've had somebody pour warm sesame oil down your spine and into the crack of your butt .. let me tell you.) Or while hiking in Yosemite. Or while backpacking in Yosemite. Or doing pretty much anything in Yosemite. Or just before meditating at the meditation gardens in Encinitas. Or even before your next yoga class. But basically, there should be good intention behind it. And sure, plenty of people can have sex with a good intentions as their motivation behind it. That is not very difficult. Even I can do that. Tho you are going to have to take my word on that.

Until I can craft a full guide, this should help newbies avoid the unfortunate experiences such as the one you had.

I may need to lift out this Rad Intro to Cannabis .. and transfer it to its own, separate entry. Because of rather severe subject-drift. I've been doing that a lot, lately.

For reasons of comparison and contrast .. try the very same things after drinking a shot or two of Jack Daniels.

Speaking of Jack Daniels and bad experiences ...

The end. ■

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