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Flirting in the Digital Age - Part 2/x

� This page is PART TWO, continued from � Part One. It was split into X-pages (who knows?) in order to adhere to principles of web site optimization. Here you go...

Expressing Gratitude

Thanks, Lauren. Thanks for conducting that interview with Bethany. And also the one with Zervos (.. both at Milken). There are more. Many more. (You know.)

My ego is convinced that you are using my stuff with Heidi's victory lap. It's okay. Lots of people use my stuff. You're right .. she was right.

The #1 way in which I feel that my writing uses what I have learned about digital technology (especially as it pertains to programming languages) ..

.. is the concept of � abstraction .. which is a key method to control complexity. Abstraction in a non-computer science perspective also allows me to build bigger things and more complex things .. more intricately-patterned things .. that are not computer programs.

And all my individual entries are a form of abstraction .. because I can recall them with a single hyperlink .. as Tolstoy has learned.

And the way that you (and the guys) provide me with people who are qualified to make such statements .. helps me to build these ever more complex things that I am trying to build. The quotes from the people you interview lend a sturdiness to my arguments.

If I say something, people may say � "Who are you, dude?" But if I say something that Bill Gross or some other well-known industry professional has already said .. that gives weight to my argument.

I am just trying to leave my son's generation inherits an economy that isnt pre-primed to trick-fuck them at every turn. And I feel that you help with that. Which makes me sweet on you. (I can't help it.) Among other things, yes, certainly. Most certainly. But that is the main one.

And you are so good at it, too .. at what you do. Such a natural. (Don't get me started on natural. You know how I love things that grow organic.)

When I was small, my mother once said to me � "Honey, when people are nice to you, it makes me like them."

My goal here, perhaps, with what I do, is this � if they really do fuck things up .. like it APPEARS they are .. in the process of doing ..

.. then it is not going to be because somebody wasnt calling bullshit on their bullshit.

And when you build these new, mini (5 mins or less) efficient � PLATFORMS .. which each one of your videos represents ..

.. then others can come behind you .. and use for platform as a springboard to even further places. That's how it works.

Parallel Wave-lenghts

Might be worth noting here, perhaps, because the timings seems so perfect .. is that my original flirt .. which you will find just down the page a wee bit ..

Sliver of Light Spectrum Visible to Humans

.. contains a link to the phrase � "be in trouble" No, don't go there now. I am not going to link to the page .. because I know you will go there. And that would make the 'experience' less organic.

But the link will take you to another page titled � Sex with Powerful Women (� see? I did not link to it, did I?) ..

But when you get there .. to the link that goes to the page on � Sex with Powerful Women (.. women who operated proficiency in a world normally dominated by males) ..

which is a piece on � the Engineer girl.

Uh, see if you do not recognize some interesting parallels .. not the least of which seems to be my notion of running parallel with. (Alongside.)

Cuz it kinda sets-the-tone for the entire article (demonstration). Tho yes, I admit that the sexual component is not far. (At least, not for me.)

Dealing with the Panther

That last image of you that I grabbed. The one I am going to lead with .. that is a good shot of you. Almost too good. If such a thing were possible.

The Panther of Male Sexual Energy when it sees something that it likes and wants (badly)I can feel it bringing out the flirt in me. And the panther (see below) always follows the flirt �

"Where you going, dawg? Maybe I should follow and see what you are up to. Chicks dig you."

Marvin Gaye sang a song that basically says � "How can it be wrong if you are really, truly, genuinely feeling it?"

And if another feels mutually the same and likewise ("exquisitely attuned" to each other)

[ Should I play it for you? ]

How can it be wrong .. if you are just letting genuine feelings express themselves? .. and see, perhaps, if perchance the two might resonate with each another.

But mentioning the Sex with Powerful women before delivering the flirt itself is preempting. Hemingway hates preempting. "Ornate scroll-work," he calls it.

So, the writer in me does not like that I am doing it, but I am going on intuition. And I can always lift and delete later.

Anyway, if she tells you to fuck off � "Dude, I'm just not feeling it." Then you go fuck off .. and find someone who appreciates your own particular mix of gifts and talents and jokes.

Jokes are very important with women. The dog taught me this. If you can make a girl laugh good and hard .. she is at your mercy. (And if you can ring her bell, too.)

But the Internet is not the easist tool to convey humor. As it is, for say, the comic on stage. Or where ever you happen to be standing, breathing, being. And bell-ringing looks very challenging from here.

Some people seem to feel that .. if THEY are feeling it .. then you MUST be feeling it. But I have found that .. if they are indeed feeling it (drumroll, plsl) � they will LET YOU KNOW.

[ In ways far beyond anything you could have ever imagined. Which usually begins with a glance. ]

Speaking of being a natural .. I don't know how Aaron does it. I could never do his job. I would be in trouble and get fired. Two weeks, max.

The Lovely and Talented Miss Lauren at Yahoo Finance Flirting in the Digital Age

Would you say that I am flirting right now? What would you call this?

I might have a blind spot in this area .. because it seems to come very naturally. (At times.)

And people sometimes think that I am flirting when I don't think I am. In middle school (grades 6-7-8) I was voted "Class Flirt".

Which surprised me. Very much. Really. But I won't get into that right now.

My point is that � people (sometimes) think I am flirting when I don't think I am. (I feel that � if I were flirting with them .. the girl would know it.)

And sometimes people have told me that a girl was flirting with me ( "Dude, that girl was *totally* flirting with you!" ) when I did not recognize it. (I just thought she was acting wierd, strange.)

Flirting that Comes with Playful Sexual Energy

So maybe for me, flirting involves a sexual suggestion. Something that carries a sexual connotation. A playfully vague reference. That sounds resonable to me. Does that make sense?

The Panther of Male Sexual Energy when it sees something that it likes and wants (badly)Does that make me an anomaly?

Does that make me different from most people? (I am just being honest here .. thinking out loud.)

But if you really like someone .. say, for example � a member of the opposite sex.

And you appreciate them (.. for whatever reason) .. and you find yourself attracted to them ..

.. do not your sexual faculties become activated? Whether or not you even want them to (become activated).

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Flirting in the Digital Age - Part 1/x

Barbara Tuchman's world-famousThe Guns of August (1962) chronicles, as the subtitle says � The Outbreak of World War 1.

Guns of August (1962) by Barbara Tuchman (1912-1989) The Sun Sets on the Old World

It was on this very day .. exactly 100 years ago when the "guns of August" first thundered.

Can you hear the echo of their thunder? of their century-old thunder?

Barbara Tuchman (1912-1989) was only two years old when the guns began to thunder in August of 1914.

I have a hard-back copy sitting here that a friend loaned me. The opening paragraph reads �

� So gorgeous was the spectacle on the May morning of 1910 when nine kings rode in the funeral of Edward VII of England that the crowd, waiting in hushed and black-clad awe, could not keep back gasps of admiration.

In scarlet and blue and green and purple, three by three the sovereigns rode through the palace gates, with plumed helmets, gold braid, crimson sashes, and jeweled orders flashing in the sun.

After them came five heirs apparent, forty more imperial or royal highnesses, seven queens--four dowager and three regnant--and a scattering of special ambassadors from uncrowned countries.

Together they represented seventy nations in the greatest assemblage of royalty and rank ever gathered together in one place and, of its kind, the last.

The muffled tongue of Big Ben tolled nine by the clock as the cortege left the palace, but on history's clock it was sunset, and the sun of the old world was setting in a dying blaze of splendor never to be seen again.

Guns of August 1914, British CanonsThe book is 450 pages .. if you're interested in reading the rest of this Pulitzer Prize winner (1963).

On the subject of how Europe went to war in 1914, here is another good book

The Sleepwalkers (2014), recommended by Krugman.

Barbara Tuchman the Writer

As a writer, Barbara Tuchman is very much aboutnarrative drive ..

.. which does not strike me as too terribly difficult when you are talking about the first month of WW1.

But yes .. you definitely get that impression from reading her. Her propulsive sense of narrative drive that gives her writing its distinctive flavor.

Myself, I take many detours, as you know, and explore many narrow cobblestoned alleys .. at midnight on hot summer nights. So I can hear her scolding me.

[ Her most thought-provoking quote is � here. ]

In the future, tho, I should probably try an entry with that propulsive narrative drive. I know how to do that. But you need the right subject. You know .. history-shaping shit.

But I am not looking for her wide audience. Rather, I am like the Marines � looking for a few good men (or women) .. who can understand what I am saying. Who can hang. Who can resonate.

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I was thinking about young Edward Snowden recently (.. who was beaten out for Time Magazine's Person-of-the-Year by the Pope)  ..

.. and who now lives in Moscow, where he has asylum, and who himself was a CONTRACTOR .. working for various government intelligence agencies known better by their acronyms than by their official names.

And I thought about how .. after I got out of the Navy (minimum 6-year enlistment) .. I interviewed at a few nuclear power plants in the NorthEast .. including Pilgrim in Plymouth ..

Indian Point Nuclear Power Plants on the Hudson River in New York.. and Indian Point plant (the state-owned Country Club side) .. there in New York ..

.. on the scenic Hudson River (.. let Billy and Bruce tell you all about it) ..

.. where I later worked as a contractor .. but on the other side, on the ConEd side. The bad boy side ..

.. for a year or so .. where the ConEd boys would sometimes come to the plant to work from Brooklyn. The plant is located some 30 miles north of "the city". Very entertaining, these Brooklyn guys. I found them downright fascinating.

Life as a Rad Whore Contractor

And their accents. Interesting how the presentation can come off as uneducated, but you can quickly see thru to their sense of highly developed street smarts .. and how to deal effectively with people .. of all types and under all circumstances. Smooth operators. Very smooth.

I enjoyed my time there in New York very much. Yes, it is ridiculously expensive to live there. But I jibed with those guys very easily. The culture. They even asked me to pitch for their softball team.

Cracking a Stand-up RBI Triple Off the Junk-Throwing Megavar Pitcher

We kicked much ass, but got beat by the stupid Engineers [ nuclear engineers � the "Megavars" ] in the play-offs.

They had the best softball pitcher I've ever seen. He could actually throw junk underhand. The rules for pitching were that � your arm couldnt go past horizontal on the backward arc.

He was a tall, lanky dude, with long-ass arms. His pitches would come wizzing across the plate and even pop when they hit the catcher's glove.

But I cracked a beautiful stand-up triple off that dude .. out past left-center field .. and brought in our first RBI.

I simply took the first pitch to determine his rhythm .. then � crack-o. "How do you like THEM apples Mr. Junk-Throwing Megavar-pitcher?"

The harder they throw, the more easily you can turn ball-speed into hit-distance when you connect.

My point here in New York is that � I was there as � a contractor. A rent-a-tech. A purveyor of a military-grade set of skills. Not working for "the house" (directly). A rad whore. Selling my body's federally-allowed radiation-exposure for Rad dollars.

Contractor vs House-Tech Relations

Remind me to tell you about the house-tech there who I found fascinating to talk to. Sometimes house techs have a shitty opinion of contractors .. because some contractors are pieces of shit. So you have to feel out each one individually.

But there was a guy there who I often had lunch with (there in the site cafeteria). He was not only smart, but also articulate, with a strong, opinionated personality.

At work, I am attracted to competence .. and competent people often have strong, opinionated personalities.

Generally, during a refueling power-outage, house techs move into management positions (.. such as supervisors and administrators) .. while contractors do the actual (radiological) work. 

He came from a police family and told me fascinating stories. I totally stretched my lunch breaks whenever I ate with him. The time just flew.

I am referring here to non-technical, non-nuclear discussions. Stuff that I would call � personal. I mean, you are learning about the real person behind his technical qualifications. And yes, he was technically proficient. So I had nothing against him there. If you went to him with something, you knew it would be handled right proper.

Regarding technical aspects of the job .. contractors are generally given the hardest, shittiest jobs .. so they generally have more experience with really nasty shit. Radiological shit. Involving how radiation areas. High dose. High exposure jobs.

You are there (almost by definition) there to > burn dose. The feds give you both quarterly and annual limit.

I have a respectable lifetime exposure. Enough to make any Rad whore proud. So when the Bug came out okay .. I sighed a little sigh of relief. Said a little prayer of 'thanks'. You know.

But this is not really what I want to talk about. I do not want to talk about "whoring myself out for cash" (as lauren says).

Tho it is not possible to draw many hard-n-fast conclusions .. when comparing your house tech to your contractor .. seing that many utilities hire contractors to become house techs .. and they only hire the best. They can have their pick.

So they do indeed have quality people. But contractors go from one nuclear plant to another .. from refueling outage to refueling outage .. where all the really nasty (radiological) work is done.

While house techs only see a few months of outage (12- or 13-hour work-days, 6-days a week) every 18 months or so. While a nuclear plant is up-n-running .. while the reactor is operating .. this tends to be boring (8-hour work-days, 5 days a week).

But the thing about being a contractor before becoming a house-tech .. is that � you understand contractors. So you know better how to deal with them. (As a supervisor or an administrator.)

If you treat your contractors shitty .. they will stop coming to your plant. Or worse � you will only be able to get shitty (less-experienced) contractors.

 An experienced true-stud contractor is worth his weight in plutonium .. because he has seen the same job done many different ways. So he knows what works and what doesnt. (And he can even tell you WHY .. if you ask him nicely.)

And generally speaking .. better pay buys you a more-skilled technician. Which can make your (house-tech) life much easier.

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Sex with Powerful Women

Rad note � This entry contains text that was lifted from another entry and transferred here .. to its own, separate entry-page .. because the subject seemed so different (.. I think you will agree).

At the end of this entry (that you are now reading) I will provide a link to return you to the exact spot from which the text in this entry was lifted.

Here you go...

Strange After-Thought Sex with Powerful Women

Certainly you are familiar-with the way that one-thing can trigger thoughts of another. (� I've always wanted to begin an entry with that sentence.)

Now I admit that it may simply be the result of reading Stendhal [ Le Rouge et Le Noir ] .. but I have been thinking .. about what it is like to have sex with a powerful or influential woman.

Indian Point Nuclear plant, New York, Hudson RiverWhich reminded me of when .. I was working in New York ..

.. where there was an engineer-girl .. who ran a crew of guys.

A half-dozen guys. All smart. Playing with reactor fuel. Shit like that. Sharp cookies.

Myself, I was living on a blow-up air mattress in the living room (yes, in the "living room" .. more people = less rent per person).

We were all working 12-hour days, six days a week. Sharing a place with 3 or 4 other people I'd only recently met.

Different people from different states working different shifts with different days off. Some guys, some girls. Now you might think this a challenge, but I had such a great time with these people ..

.. who I rarely saw at home, but who both laughed and cried with me. Both girls and guys, and their friends and lovers.

Almost like family. Strange to be treated with such care by people you barely know.

You havent lived, dawg, let me tell you, until you've blown up a leaky air-mattress after a beer or two. Every night before you go to sleep. (On plastic.)

Your head feels like it's gonna come off .. and now it's time to go to sleep.

The place was a dive. A total dive. But even dives in New York are expensive.

[ Here's what I learned � when people are kind and courteous, life in a dive is better than living with someone who hates your guts. No matter how nice that place might be. ]

But this engineer-girl (and her crew-of-guys) were PUT UP at a very nice resort-like place. (If I said the name of their company, you would definitely know it.)

Now I did not WORK FOR this girl .. but she did not want her (crew of) guys to know about our thing. Which I could totally understand. In the mornings, she would get me up extra early .. and "check the coast"

Nuclear reactor spent fuel cell being moved in a spent fuel pool (of water)"Coast is clear," she says .. motioning with her hand. "Go!" A pat on your butt as you slip out the door and sneak quietly down the hallway.

I liked her. An athletic girl. Looked like a sports-model. Loved all kinds of sports. Great skin. Late-twenties.

Sporting a Sexy Tan in the New York Snow

She had just arrived from some island somewhere .. sporting a gorgeous bronze tan .. in New York, no less ..

.. where everybody else is pale-white .. winter, with snow on the ground. Early March.

Talk about making a nuclear-grade entrance. Yes, she got my attention right away.

I normally saw her dressed in baggy anti-contamination clothing, hood and all. But when dressed up (.. in girly clothes) she was a sight. Have mercy. Downright intimidating.

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The Wow Girl

Rad note » this entry consists of text that was lifted from another entry and transferred here .. to its own separate entry-page .. because the subject is so different.

At the end of this entry (that you are now reading) I provide a link to return you to the exact place from which this text was taken.

Here you go...

» The Girl at the Gas Station in San Clemente at Midnight

I know only ONE person .. who ever had a Confronted-Parent respond in a way that brought any degree of comfort or healing. A girl, tho I am not talking about the Film school girl. No. (That's another story, entirely.)

City of San Clemente, CaliforniaAnd I must say .. this girl who confronted her dad about shit that had fucked her up ..

.. she was definitely a wow-girl.

Very interesting. Very sexy. Very different.

She had been to galaxies that I didnt even know existed. (And to some cold and desolate planets).

Irresistible chemistry. Made my hormones do things I did not think possible.

Electricity in her fingertips. Like she had the combination to my safe. So intuitive.

"How can such a thing be possible? How do you know me so well? Who are you, really?"

I will tell you a secret if you promise not to tell anybody » this girl *is* the nuclear-grade lace-top thigh-high girl. Well .. she was the original, anyway.

She opened my eyes in many ways. She was bi-sexual. And older women were craving her stuff (she once lamented).

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Surprisingly Aggressive High School Hotties

Speaking of teenagers .. a strange thing has been occurring the last several months (.. since last summer). � Young girls have been flirting with me .. coming on to me.

Ariana Grande stares you down as she shows you some of her pretty hair. Maybe you like?I do not know how old these girls actually are, but ..

.. uh, I would definitely put them in the "dangerous" category.

Not sure why this is happening. A recent development.

Never had this problem before. But they are surprisingly bold.

Most girls, when you perchance happen to meet their gaze, will quickly look away.

But not these young ones. No, sir. They will hold your gaze and stare you down.

New & Improved Techniques for the 21st Century Teen

For example, this girl squeezed behind/past me while I was standing in a busy, crowded coffee shop one Saturday morning, chatting with a buddy who sat at a table there. The noise level, already at a low roar, climbing steadily. (Set the scene.)

Slowly across me she slid her body like .. well, like she pressed herself against me on purpose.

I mean, sure, it was crowded, but not *that* crowded. Caught me off guard.

Anyway, when I turned to see who it was, she looked up and said, "Excuse me," before walking away .. wearing a black work-out outfit that displayed belly skin.

Fit, muscular, athletic and obviously limberHer sweaty glow suggested she'd come straight from a work-out at Bikram hot yoga (.. their studio located right down the street) or something similarly vigorous.

She paused at the exit doorway to take a sip, where she returned a glance just over her cup .. before stepping out.

A glance that said "How did you like the way THAT baby-making machine felt?"

"What was THAT all about?" my buddy asked.

"I dunno," I said, as we watched her climb into her car.

That Girl is Trouble

"That girl is TROUBLE!" he said, as she drove off out of the parking lot.

"Tell me 'bout it," I muttered, still able to feel the sensuous way she did that slide-across thing.

"What were we talking about?" I asked. We laughed.

He thought she was 15. (Perhaps he was joking.)

"She cant drive if she's only 15," I said. I woulda guessed 18 or 19 .. 20 tops. (But I coulda easily been wrong.) Kinda like the girl pictured here. Along those lines. (But sweaty.) What would be your guess? Hard to tell, no?

There is a high school right down the street, only a few blocks away. But the nearest college is a few miles. That's why I think they are high school girls.

But this was a Saturday .. so who knows?

I am not unfamiliar with the wiles of aggressive women. No, sir. They are certainly clever & full of surprises. (Much more clever than any guy I know.)

But this is the first time I've seen this particular technique (.. which, I must admit, made quite an impression). Surprisingly pleasant experience .. literally.

The AGE is really what surprises me, tho.

This is an example of this strange development. Others not so similar. Probably inappropriate for publication. All eye brow raising. All equally perplexing. All way too young for me. (Unfortunately.)

Ariana Grande stares you down while wearing a pair of almost-thigh-highs High School Girls Today

I do not need to tell you about high school girls these days.

They're not like the girls back when I went to high school. (Not hardly.)

I mean, I do not know for a fact that these girls are in high school, but that would be my guess. 17? 18? 19?

But you never know. Hard to tell these days. Tho clearly, I'm old enough to be their father. Easily.

And they dress to let you know they mean business. You can tell from their confidence that they know they have the goods. Could be wrong, but I doubt this phenomenon is limited to Southern California.

Maybe 'flirting' is not the right word here. Friends have used it .. as in � "That girl was totally FLIRTING with you, dude."

To me, flirting is something innocent & playful. These girls however, do not strike me as tho they're playing. And they're definitely not innocent. Tho I do not have a better word in my vocabulary.

They may not yet possess the skills to pull it off, but they're clear about letting you know that they're interested .. that the door is open ..

.. should you desire to inquire further .. or perhaps be interested in participating in something like a private tour. With a clarity I would normally associate with a more seasoned woman.

Which is why things like this dont surprise me .. as much as they seem to surprise others.

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