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» Today's date is » 11-12-13. Good day to post a forward-looking entry. Cuz we know what comes next. And we know what happened the last time .. that a century ended with the number fourteen. We'd rather not go there again.

Faces of World War OneIt's times like those that try mens' souls .. and can wreck their faith in the ability of their leaders to make wise decisions.

Not sure what topic to pursue today, but I have a few in mind and today seems like the perfect time to begin.

Only tangentially related, but nonetheless interesting » point. And this one, too. Ooh, this too. Okay, David. Definitely this. This, also.

First however, I need to convert the previous entry into Moveable Type pages.

Oh. It looks like Moveable Type 6.0 was released last month .. but they have done away with the freebie version, and the cheapest license is now » $595.

If you look at the top-right of this home page » you'll see that I normally install each new version as its own installation ..

.. beginning with MT v2.x, seeing that I have my own VPS and can do whatever. So MT6 would become » Ye Olde Rad Blog v5. That would be the perfect time for me to take it to the next level.

[ Update - January 29, 2014 .. talk about taking it to the next level. Wow. Did you see the house rocking? Rock-rap synergy.

In physics, fission is what they call it when you » split atoms apart .. but fusion is when you » put them together.

More difficult to » put atoms/nuclei together.

Here on earth, we use nuclear reactors to » break apart atoms (.. but really in order to turn matter into energy. Cuz that is something people will buy. ).

But the sun » puts them (atoms) together. So my sense is that » powerful creative forces were at work there. Pavarotti is famous for doing a similar thing. (Hi Christina.)

</update> ]

This is an easy way for me to go back and see how my interests have developed over the years, along with my skillz and the relentless march of digital technology. My writing. My life. (My first post with Moveable Type came in May, 2003.)

MODX Revolution Content Management System (CMS)Abandoning the freebie version is exactly the kind of stuff that torques some people ..

.. seeing that the folks at Moveable Type (Six Apart) have done this very same thing before ..

.. which is what ignited the disgust that led to the remarkable rise of WordPress.

MT has been losing market share. Might be a good time for me to try ExpressionEngine. Then I could do a nice compare-n-contrast.

My first post with MT was May '03. So I have more than a decade's worth of entries .. with Moveable Type. You think they'd offer me a free install of MT6 for that reason alone.


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