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» The Community College

Speaking of teaching .. I would like to share with you an article written about our community colleges ..

.. which I found very interesting .. titled » The Promise and Failure of Community Colleges.

Which basically says that » "a very large group of young Americans are not prepared, either financially, cognitively or socially, for that kind of education."

Because only ~8% of community college students transfer to a 4-year college (.. like the Film school girl did) ..

.. and only one third will earn a two-year degree within 6 years.

» Qualified to Comment

I have spent considerable time at community colleges .. mostly in California, so I feel qualified to comment.

Especially since both the dog and my brother went to Ivy league schools (Columbia & Yale). Both home-town schools.

You may find it interesting that roughly HALF of all students enrolled in college at any given time .. are studying at a community college.

Wow, that's a lot.

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