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» I just noticed that a new mini-series premieres tonight » Manh(A)ttan. Subttled » Nuclear. Family. The (A) in Manh(A)ttan seems to stand for » Atomic. Or perhaps it is just an arrow .. pointing in the direction of the mushroom cloud.

Manh(A)ttan. Nuclear. Family.I have only seen the trailer so far ..

.. but it reminds me very much of the book I read (listened to audiobook) titled » American Prometheus.

And about the entry I made (.. two years ago).

It can be fun to go back and re-read something I wrote years ago.

While I was reading the entry I wrote on Oppenheimer, I said to myself » "Dude, this is good shit. You sound smarter than shit here."

I am very excited about this new (13-part) mini-series. (Boner city. You know how geeks are.)

The story, I recall, was so vast and sweeping and it came with such forever-world-changing consequences ..

.. that I can see how you might need 13 episodes to do it justice.

WGN is Chicago .. same city where the Rad server is physically located (mid-country, between the two coasts).

Their website is » WGN America. USA Today did a first-look at the cast.

This is a big story. The story about the » building of the bomb.

Big, big, BIG. If the filmmakers can pull it off, that would be a major accomplishment. Something to be proud of. "Very much so," as Colonel Willard would say.

Lots of valuable lessons contained there in study how the bomb was built. So many interesting patterns to match.

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