New Lenovo Laptop - IdeaPad Z560 i3

» There I was .. minding my own business .. sitting in the coffee shop this weekend. When up walks Big Al (.. a Cuban transplant who can usually be found poring over something with a curious title). Next thing ya now we're on the subject of laptops.

Lenovo IdeaPad Z560 Laptop"I'll go with you," I said, when he mentioned dropping by the store to eyeball the last day of a 4-day sale.

On the way over he *blasted* The Thrill is Gone (you know, BB King & Lucille). Sounded really good. Remarkably clear. (Hope Al didnt mind my singing.)

I was good-n-amped on some tasty Ethiopian. Heck, we almost solved the question of the meaning-of-life on that 10-min jaunt to the store.

Before I knew what was happenin' » boom! Out comes the plastic. Big Al bought himself a new laptop. Then (best of all) he gave it to me .. to set up & configure for him. (I'm good at that .. cuz I've done it so many times.)

So sitting here I have new laptop. Lenovo = IBM. They still make the ThinkPad, which were usually too expen$ive for my blood. But I always admired their stylish black design. Still do.

BB King - The Thrill is GoneLenovos are priced reasonably. He got the IdeaPad Z560. Review. It's not a powerhouse, but it *is* new .. for only $450. And it's not even a Celeron.

» The Thrill Aint Gone

Stayed up to 2AM last night. I really enjoy setting up a nice, new machine. Yeah, the thrill is still there. =)

It has an Intel i3 core (2.53 GHz) processor with 4 gigs of memory & a 320-gig hard drive + 15.6-inch screen. Very nice.

Regarding the latest crop of Intel processors, the Core i7 is good as it get$. There is also a Core i5.

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Biggest difference between my ancient laptop and his new machine is HOW BRIGHT the screen is. Holy moly! It lights up the entire room at night .. by itself. I had a nice tan when I woke this morning.

Lucille is name of BB Kings guitarNow when I shift over to MY laptop (.. to compose today's post, for example) the display seems so dingy, faded. Even yellowed.

While installing some programs .. I got this message » "Dude, that's a 32-bit app you're trying to install. You need to download the 64-bit version."

Say what? So I peeked at the system specs. Sure enough, it's 64-bit. I'm like » "Sixty-four bit. Cool." =)

It came with Windows 7, which really is a very nice operating system. I had not a single glitch. Nada. Nice feel it has. Smooth & stable without being flashy. Dont tell anybody, but it actually reminded me of Linux. The stable feel, I mean.

It was regularly priced at $629 on sale for $450. In-store discount ($180). No mail-in rebate (.. where they always try to rip you off and make you threaten to write the bbb). Al wasnt gonna buy if they had a mail-in rebate.

[ While there at the store, for myself I picked up a Moleskine knock-off that was also on sale. ]

Lenovo IdeaPad Z560 Laptop» Radify the Laptop

First thing I did after backing-up the default installation .. was to uninstall McAfee and install Microsoft Security Essentials.

Then I installed all the Windows updates (34 of them) and upgraded his browser to IE9, which was released just a few weeks ago. Even if still buggy, IE9 would be a good upgrade. Very nice. (No problems that I noticed.)

Microsoft has done a remarkably good job with that browser, design- & feature-wise. Wish I could install it on my own laptop, but IE9 does not support Windows XP (.. and never will). Lots of people are still using WXP, I hear (44%).

Then I toured FileHippo to see what goodies we needed. Of course, I had to install a variety of browsers. Lastly I defragged.

Only thing I couldnt decide on was a firewall. Those tend to take a little expertise to manage, and Big Al aint a geek. Any ideas on a good firewall for non-geeks?

Definitely have to install TrueCrypt .. for the cool factor. =)

What do you guys think of Open Office? Version 3.3 was released a couple months ago.

[ The #1 request I get .. is for another Rad Beast. "Rad, when are ya gonna design another beast? I'm ready to upgrade and your last design lasted so long." Those guides take a surprising amount of research. Lotsa work. Fun to roll your own rig, tho. ]

For more along these lines, here's a Google search preconfigured for the query » lenovo laptop computer ideapad review

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