The Misprioritization of Profanity in Polite Society

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» The Misprioritization of Profanity in Polite Society

» This might be a good place to mention my thoughts on 'profanity' .. on language that some in polite society might term 'profane'. (Especially the self-righteous... like I used to be. So I know.)

Yes, I have already expressed myself on this topic .. like a diligent essayist. But dont you wanna know what I really think?

Kelly Thomas Getting the Shit Kicked out of him, July 5, 2011Maybe not.

Because I find it a 'misprioritization' (.. the nicest way I can put it) ..

.. for a person to cringe at the sound of a heartfelt expletive ..

.. yet who seems little-fazed by the pleas for mercy ..

.. coming from a boy who is being [ quite fucking literally ] » beaten to death. Snuff-flick style.

Who is crying out to his dad for help. (Yes, as he is being beaten to death.) Talk about the worst day of your life.

These members of polite society are offended by words they consider profane .. but the cries-for-help and pleas-for-mercy coming from the most vulnerable parts of our society » eh, not so much.

[[ Along these lines, check out » this article and see if you feel like they are saying » "Profanity is unacceptable .. but murder » eh, not so much." ]]

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How's that? How was that for clarity? Can ya feel me, Emma? Jen? Jim? George? Michel?

Dont get me wrong. I could certainly wax even more clearly. (If need be.) But brevity offers the writer a chance to earn extra points.

Tolstoy says that I should get extra-credit for innovative use of the hyperlink.

If I were to strip away the varnish of tact, I might put it this way » they could give a rat's ass .. about an innocent, not-quite-right boy being beaten to death.

To me, this verdict represents » true obscenity. So fuck it.

Regarding the use of words that some in polite society might term 'profane' .. does not » this passage of scripture seem to suggest that Paul is saying » "You speak to them in the language that they understand .. and not in your holy [-ier than thou ] language."

See what you think.

No, he did not include the "holier than thou" part. Rather, I put that in there myself .. because it seemed to fit so well there, in my context.

But the first part of my paraphrase is the important part, anyway.

On the subject of use of the f-word as it plays off of Paul's passage .. let me just say this » most of the people who I grew up with, and who I went to school with, and who I worked with .. and who I did other things with .. and those who I write for .. most of these people use the f-word in their vocabulary.

And they use it » proficiently. See my point?

No, not in front of your grandmother. But we have no grannies here.

» Severe Subject Drift

Uh, I can see that this section here on the Misprioritization of Profanity in Polite Society has drifted far enough away from the original topic .. that I will need to lift and transfer it to it own page.

But mind-blowing tragedies such as these .. which hit close to home .. have a tendency to cause our thoughts to veer off into areas and domains that we could never have possibly imagined.  

» Lifting and Moving Sectons of Text to Their Own, Separate Entry-Page

Speaking of lifting and moving-to-own-page sections of text .. I have been doing much of this these last few months. It is something of a new thing for me ..

.. in my continuing experimention into the art and craft of writing .. using this new (digital) technology .. that has been making Tolstoy downright jealous.

But I have been giving myself more permission and freedom .. to explore these new things. And the writer requires a degree of trust (in himself) that corresponds to this artistic adventurism. [ which is the scary part ]

I know that this talk of (the art and craft of) writing sometimes sounds like so much shit .. and some of it may indeed be. But not all of it.

But what if I lift a section a year after the original post? What date should I give it? The old date or the date that I lift and move?

Each case would fall into its own category. Regarding which date is selected.

The end. ■

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