The Vatican Embraces Wealthy Pedophiles (Literally!)

Did you see the Frontline special on the Vatican? (Released Feb 25. Two weeks ago.)

Pope John Paul II Gives a Warm Papal Embrace to Marcial MacielOh. My. Gawd. I was raised Catholic and I never knew this.

[ Yes, I knelt down and kissed the ring. ]

Pope John Paul II .. not cool, dude.

That's him with arms wide .. embracing Marcial Maciel, the pedophile.

"Come here and get your warm papal embrace, you beautiful coffer-filler, you."

Why would a pope embrace a known-pedophile, you ask?

That's exactly the question I had myself. Watch the video, yourself. I dare you. I double-dog dare you.

This gives new meaning to the phrase » the system is about the money. I did not think that the sentiment in my earlier entry could get any uglier. I was wrong.

And all this has an interwoven narrative that involves the new pope. The job .. is to put the child-abuse scandal behind. But old ways are entrenched. It is really a battle of epic proportions.

And the side of good has been getting its ass kicked for one decade after another. And this last pope, the one who quit (.. Benedict, real name » Joseph Ratzinger, a German) something that hadnt happened in 600 years .. it was *his* job the bury that thing.

And he failed.

Pope Francis Does Not Judge GaysThis is why I feel that such a radically different pope was chosen.

The first-ever Jesuit. The first non-European pope in many centuries.

It is as tho the Catholic church is saying, "We're willing to try pretty much anything right now. Cuz we been getting our ass kicked by this child abuse sex scandal for so long."

When I heard what the new pope said about gays .. it made me think about what Peter said » here.

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Some So-Called Christians Give Christianity a » Bad name

Speaking of the moral judgment of some so-called Christians, note that scripture says » "by their LOVE shall all men know."

Fred 'God-Hates-Fags' Phelps (1929-2014) of the Westboro Baptist church in Topeka, KansasNot by their vitriol. Or their cruelty. Or their nastiness.

So it seems that not everybody got the message. The memo.

Where's the mercy and compassion in 'God Hates Fags'?

Paul says that "the standard of sound words" are in » faith and love. (You know Paul.)

I see no love in the cry of '» God Hates Fags'. I see only judgment and hatred and condemnation and xenophobia.

Rad note » The subject in this section (that you are now reading) has drifted far enough that I have moved it to its own, separate entry. See here » By Their Cruelty Shall All Men Know (Fred is Dead).

At the end of that page, I provide a link to return you here .. to this exact section.

Some people give Christianity a bad name (.. which seems to be the theme of today's entry). But let's forget about Fred (cuz he's dead) and focus our attention back on the Vatican.

lightning bolt strikes empire state bldg nycI do not know about you ..

.. but I would not want to be the one who made many people associate the church ..

.. with the idea of older men taking advantage of young boys (sexually or otherwise).

That feels like a BIG lightning bolt to me.

This is (one of) the reason(s) so many people have a bad taste in their mouth .. when it comes to religion. Can you blame them?

I mean, if somebody wants to have consensual sex with another grown man who they find desirable .. that's up to them.

But to risk fucking up a child .. for its entire life .. I just don't get that. That they would be willing to violate the intimacy of an obviously immature person ..

.. while claiming to dedicate their lives to Christian principles, while claiming to remain faithful to scriptural truths. What the fuck?

Oh, look. This says that Obama is going to the Vatican to meet with the Pope and that he used to attend a Catholic school named » St Francis Asisi .. the new pope's taken name. Interesting coincidence?

Maybe they'll have a beer together .. or something even better.

If I were talking to the pope, I would ask him about his thoughts about the fact that Peter was married. He had a wife.

Christ the Redeemer | Rio de Janiero, BrazilAnd Jesus himself specifically selected Peter as the person to "care for my sheep." A pastor cares for the sheep, no?

So, if Peter is the original pattern, how do you get to unmarried?

See how that might eliminate a lot of your problems as a haven that appears to attract pedophiles?

For reasons that are now painfully obvious. It would send a message that you are breaking with the past in a big way.

Or am I just spouting things that you have heard a thousand times already? I wrote a little about it already » here.

But it seems to me that the Lord Himself selected a married man as the person to care for his church .. to feed his sheep.

This doesnt necessarily imply that a pastor can't be unmarried .. but it is a stretch to say that those who care for the church CAN'T be married. I am just thinking out loud here.

One of the main reasons I feel that this particular MAN [ Jorge Mario Bergoglio, born 1936 in Buenos Aires ] was selected as pope (.. and you can probably tell I have been thinking about this stuff) ..

.. is because » he has seen how truly nasty and ugly people can be. And how deluded. Self-deluded.

He comes from Argentina. You dont have to research very much about the recent history of Argentina .. to realize that this man has seen some shit.

It almost seems unfortunate that this is what is needed. But desperate situations call for for extraordinary solutions.

Pope Francis carries his own bag onto a planeBecause, if this man can't do it, then who can? Is he not walking on water? .. figuratively speaking.

Cuz to be honest, I kinda feel that Irish people .. for whatever the reason, or perhaps my experiential bias ..

.. I feel Irish folk are more generally genetically disposed to show compassion and express the values we normally associate with christianity (scriptural christianity).

Which I would very much enjoy discussing .. tho now is not that time.

But I can see why a thinking person would choose him. He has an impossible job.

He is old. Old people tire more easily than young people. But like most of the world, so far, I am impressed. Very. Definitely encouraging.

Okay, update. Looks like the pope is doing » this. What do you think? Chance of success high or low?

I remember when I was very small .. maybe 3 or 4. No more than 5. And a priest CAME TO THE HOUSE .. to bless the eggs at Easter.

I remember liking him .. that there was something about him that a little guy wanted to be around. But he didnt stay for very long and I never had that same feeling for or about any other priest we got. He had a light about him. The others were all dull and muted by comparison.

So I was disappointed in everybody after my first experience. Don't think I didnt keep looking for that same light. Well, for a while, anyway.

Robert Mickens Speaks as » Vatican Correspondent at The Tablet

Robert Mickens | Vatcan Correspondent for the Tablet, an international Catholic WeeklyIf you are short on time, go straight to t=14:45 and hear Robert Mickens, a Vatican correspondent for The Tablet ..

.. a Catholic News weekly with international readership [ .. in other words, this is » what he does. For 25 years now. ] ..

.. hear this very same Robert Mickens say » "Why didnt he [ Pope John Paul II ] just banish him [ Marcial Maciel the pedophile ] ? Why? Because the Legionaries of Christ is a large and very wealthy order and puts LOTS of money into the Vatican coffers."

[ The Legionaries of Christ was founded in '41 by Marcial himself. My intuition tells me that the Christ does not appreciate it when pedophiles use his name as a respectable front to molest young boys. Not at all. ]

Notice that Robert doesnt stutter. Not even a little. Say it isnt so, Robert. Won't you please tell us a lie and make us feel better?

Does it not appear that Pope John Paul II was saying (to paraphrase his actions) » "Marcial, long as you keep writing those fat checks, I don't have a problem with you fucking young boys up the ass. Come here and give me a hug, you beautiful coffer-filling boy-fucker."

Pope John Paul II Gives a Warm Papal Embrace to Marcial MacielI mean, what other conclusion can you come to?

Catholics are famous for playing the shame game and the blame game.

So I know how to play those games.

Because I learned from highly-trained experts. How did I do?

Welcome to the » Digital Age

You've never seen shit like this before, have you? And you aint seen nuthin yet.

I'm just getting warmed up. Welcome to the Twenty-first century ..

.. to the third millennium. The new millennium ..

.. where we have some new rules .. such as » you can't let grown men fuck young boys up the ass .. just because people give you large amounts of money. Okay? Claro?

Now you might think me silly for even saying such a thing. A no-brainer, this new rule, right?

Jerry Sandusky is sentenced to 30-to-60 years in prisonBut you would think wrong. Because the sad thing is » it's not silly. Obviously not.

[ Unrelatedly, I totally feel like I'm vibing off of Dostoevsky right now. It seems to happen on its own ..

.. as tho I have no control over it. Or maybe it is situational.

I am just thinking out loud. About how to get back here on demand. If such a thing is possible.

Also unrelatedly, here is some new info on the Jerry Sandusky case. ]

I will tell you a secret. Bad as this child abuse sex scandal is .. and yes, it is very bad .. this is not the thing that turned me away from the Catholic church. No, sir.

Rather, the thing that turned me away from the Catholic church was » my parents. "If this is what it means to be a Catholic, then this shit is NOT for me. I might not know what the answer is .. but I sure as hell know what it aint."

So you operate on the conviction that there MUST be something better out there. (And yes, there is.)

Dude, I must say .. when I read verses of scripture that talk about » a church "in all her glory, having no spot or wrinkle, or any such thing..." .. and then I look at that picture of John Paul II embracing Marcial ..

.. uh, I am not feeling it .. at least, not in a Catholic sort of way. (Or maybe there is a reason .. that Catholics are famous for their guilt.)

Pooh and Christopher Robin walk hand-in-hand in the Hundred Acre WoodI would not characterize this type of behavior as » holding childhood in reverence, no.

Rather, this type of behavior seems to be saying (by the very highest levels) » money is more important than kids. Far more.

Am I saying anything that is not already intuitively obvious? .. to even the most casual of observers.

I dont know how much money Marcial gave you, but I somehow sense that in the long-run it will cost you more than you got. (Much more.)

Not unlike the way Business in the United States has persuaded our politicians » "If you let me fuck and abuse the labor market, I will give you a record-breaking stock market. Here's another » campaign contribution."

Pope Francis Eyes RightIt will end up costing you greedy fucks more than you got.

Waay more.

Because I can see the photo of Pope Francis above ..

.. and then I see the picture of John Paul II where Pope Francis is standing with the microphone ..

.. and the words change to » "If a man is gay and searches for young boys to molest and he gives me lots of money .. hey, who I am to judge?"

You tell me what is worse: the atheist who says, "No, you can't molest young boys, no matter HOW much money you give me," or the self-professed christian believer who says otherwise.

Sometimes I find myself wanting to ask Pope John-Paul II .. if it is true what Robert Mickens says about him ..

.. that he warmly embraced a long-term known pedophile .. and looked the other way in regard to the sexual abuse surrounding him .. because the Marcial Maciel provided a financial benefit?

But I can't .. cuz he's dead

Even non-Christian people cannot respect that type of behavior. And you are supposed to be setting a good example.

If I were the new pope, I would not make this type of person a "saint".

Good thing for John-Paul II that I am not the new pope, eh?

» Shouldnt Be That Hard for Catholic Church to Fix Child Sexual Abuse Problem

In school I always got good grades. But the one thing my teachers always dinged me for on my report cards .. was » works up to his ability.

My mother would stand there, looking at the report card and say » "This is a good report card, honey. The only thing they say is that you dont work up to your ability."

Brunelleschi's Dome (1436) Sitting On the Florence CathedralAnd I would say, "What does that mean?"

And she said, "They don't think you try very hard."

And I would say, "I don't. It's not very hard."

But this here what I'm writing about today .. the way that the Catholic church has handled it ..

.. you would think that it's harder than Chinese arithmetic, no?

In other words .. if you give me a challenge that inspires me .. then I will be able to work up to my ability .. speaking of which...

Cultural Values Warped by » the Great Depression

People do what they gotta do, I guess. Both Marcial and Pope John Paul II were born in 1920, Marcial being two months older.

Great Depression Soup Kitchen LinePeople who lived thru the Great Depression ..

.. seemed to have come thru this era with the idea seared into their consciousness that » money is the most important thing.

In a way, this is completely understandable.

But it is almost as tho they somehow feel that the only thing that measures your value as a human being are the numbers on the statement from your bank account ..

.. and maybe (by extension) » what you can do for me.

When I took my 89-year old friend for a walk, who was born in '22, and who died a week before his 90th birthday .. when I took him for this walk at the Newport Back Bay .. he told me the story of how his family lost their house during the Depression ..

.. and how they had to move to a cramped, little place above a bar down near the beach .. where he developed debilitating allergies. (Probably mold, I would guess, which is not uncommon near the beach.) And how the family couldnt afford to take him to see a doctor.

In other words, eight decades later (.. close to a century later) the experience was so deeply seared into his consciousness that this is what came to mind when I said, "So, tell me something about yourself that I dont know."

[ Bukowski was also born in 1920. He did not sell his soul. Tho you can tell from reading his shit that he must have been sorely tempted. ]

The end. ■

» The Pope's Skewed Priorties

Update June 21, 2014 » Here is something I find interesting and curious .. Pope Francis calls "evil" (not merely "unwise") substances with known medicinal properties that can help people deal with things in their lives ..

Pope John Paul II Gives a Warm Papal Embrace to Marcial Maciel.. yet he calls "a saint" a man who has repeatedly embraced a known pedophile

(.. because the pedophile provided a financial benefit).

I like what you are doing, dawg. I appreciate what you are doing. I respect what you are doing.

I admire what you are doing. I am even impressed by what you are doing. And I am not the only one.

But I think you need to rethink some of your priorities.

The Catholic church has long had a problem in the area of misprioritization, and I don't want you to fall into the same trap.

You are basically embracing a man who has repeatedly embraced a known pedophile.

Actually, you MORE THAN embrace him. You gave him your highest honor. Your highest blessing. Your ultimate seal-of-approval.

I was not going to give you shit about making the pedophile-embracer John Paul II a "saint" .. because I can see the ecclesiastical expediency behind it.

But if you want to start calling innocent people "criminals" and saying they should be incarcerated ..

.. then I will start comparing values.

Dr. Sanjay Gupta | NeurosurgeonBecause you seem to be saying that people who gratefully partake of substances put here by God are criminals.

Can you see why I feel some of your priorities are skewed?

Here in the States, we incarcerate waay too many people.

We -- the so-called "leader of the free world" -- LEAD THE WORLD in locking people up and throwing away the key.

We actually take away people's freedom more than any other nation on the planet. And for the most bullshit reasons. We throw people in prison for farting in public. Yes, I jest .. but not as much as you might think

I am trying to reverse this unfortunate trend, while you seem to want to accelerate it .. if you want to make casual drug users criminals.

(Oh, speaking of incarceration, look at this .. this is nice.)

I know lots of people who use drugs casually and have no problems whatsoever. They function at levels far above the norm (.. at least, from what I have seen).

Locked Up in America | Solitary NationIf someone does not want want to do drugs .. great! Wonderful.

No drug user will ever condemn a person for not doing drugs. (That's just more for them.)

Drugs are not for everyone. This is something that everyone admits.

But for that person who does not partake to say to someone who does » "You are a criminal and should be incarcerated." .. that is WRONG.

That is trying to impose your values and opinions on another human being and make him or her out to be a criminal when (s)he is not.

Perhaps you can see how something that Richard Pevear said in his intro to Dostoevsky's » Notes from Underground (1864) ..

.. where he wrote that » "it speaks for the habit of substituting the psychological for the moral." (Think about it.)

Do you see how the patterns align?

Demetria Duncan | Locked Up in AmericaIf you can get to a place where you can see how those two patterns align ..

.. then I would be impressed.

I think you can do it, too. You're just the man. The 007 Pope.

If you are having trouble getting the patterns to align ..

.. take a closer look at how Pevear discusses how other translators (.. that's you, dawg, you are one of the other translators) .

.. how Pevear discusses how other translators have substituted (incorrectly, grosssly incorrectly) the word » spiteful for the (correct) word wicked.

It is something of an inverse relationship, as viewed thru a mirror, which can make it difficult to see .. but you have used the word evil .. which inversely aligns with the word » wicked.

This inverse alignment is why I use the word » skewed in the title.

In other words, you are saying that these people are "evil" for what they do .. rather than for who they are  (.. what they have become after an injust socitey has ground them into pavement).

Kelly Thomas Getting the Shit Kicked out of him, July 5, 2011For some, tho certainly not for all, drugs can be a coping mechanism ..

.. especially for those times when their lives get all fucked up.

The problem, as I see it, is not so much the drugs themselves ..

.. but rather the thing(s) that make them want to do them ..

And very often the source of the thing that makes them want to do drugs can be found in the injustices of society.

If you beat the dog long and hard enough, yes, it will become fucked up .. and look for something to help it "escape" or deal with its fucked up life.

If you adjust / tweak / modify society so that it starts supporting them instead of attacking them .. then you will see results far beyond that which you do by incarcerating them. (Trust me.)

And the thing that is very cool is that » you are already doing this stuff.

Oh, I just heard (June 23rd) that you excommunicated the mafia. When I read that, I thought to myself » "That man has balls." <end mafia excommunicate update>

But have you ever smoked cannabis? Do you have any first-hand experience in this area? If not, how can you know what you're talking about?

Robert Mickens | Vatcan Correspondent for the Tablet, an international Catholic WeeklyCome on into the Twenty-first century. Step right up .. to embrace Twenty-first century priorities ..

.. where those who embrace known-pedophiles for financial reasons are NOT saints ..

.. and where plant-based organic substances can and do indeed provide medicinal benefits for some.

Or is that too big of a step? You were doing so good.

Should I set up an appointment for you with Dr. Sanjay? He is not merely a general practicioner, no, but rather a » neurosurgeon.

Or do you know better than a trained medical professional? Than a neurosurgeon.

I have since transferred this update to its own entry .. see here » The Pope's Skewed Priorities. ■■

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