Big Brother vs the First Amendment | Establishing Secure Communications - Part 2/4

This page is PART TWO, continued from » Part One. It was split into FOUR pages in order to adhere to principles of web site optimization. Here you go...

» But you should hurry .. because they are coming.

[ On horses swifter than leopards. (I can feel them.) The Charge of the Geek Brigade.

They're all-up in your shit, arent they? (Wow, that was fast. Faster than even I expected. More. And even more. Make it stop! Fuhghettaboutit. )

And they are bad motherfuckers. Wizards. I TOLD you not to fuck with them. Didnt I?

{ You should have listened. Because that was not a difficult call to make. Rather obvious .. for anybody with eyes to see. }

» And they don't give a fuck about the $200K a year that you pay them, either. (Didnt I TELL you that Geeks "arent about the money".)

Albert Einstein (1879-1955) Patron Saint of Rebellious Children EverywhereI know .. that completely blows your mind, doesnt it? =)

» Game the Fuck On

The shit is on, dawg. Game the fuck » ON!

"Howdaya like THEM apples?!" as Will Hunting would say. [ Will Hunting says a lot of funny shit. ]

Wow, Matt Damon was 16 years ahead of his time.

Sixteen years is (coincidentally) exactly how long it took the committee at Nobel to figure out that Einstein deserved the prize ..

.. for the revolutionary mind-blowing contributions he made to Physics .. in 1905 (the 'miracle year').

Sixteen years also happens to be the period-of-time between the first and last parts of Dostoevsky's (2-part) » Notes from Underground ..

.. where we learn how "the Underground Man" got that way. [ More stories about the 'wicked' Underground Man coming later. ]

So it would seem .. that 16 years is how-long it takes most people to figure shit out.

Speaking of figuring shit out .. oh, dude, dont look now, but it looks like you're bleeding.

"Ouch." Makes me think of Wipeout. It can only get worseIncoming!

Dude, why did you that? Why did you fuck with the Geeks? (The disillusioned youth, who can see that they have nothing to lose.) The rulers of the online data-centric universe. Especially after I told you NOT to? What is that gnawing sound?

I went to a lot of effort .. I explained things in great detail and even went into reasons why (.. why you shouldnt piss off the Geeks) .. and now, for what?

» NSA = Boner City (for the Geek)

Okay, to be honest (disclosure) .. there is a part of me that would totally *love* to work for (with) the NSA.

I mean, I can feel myself starting to get a woody .. at the very thought of it.

So I have the utmost respect for anybody who can stand up call bullshit on the unrighteous shit they see .. because their conscience demands it.

And that is only PART of .. what makes them bad motherfuckers. (Tho obviously a significant part.)

I am merely doing my job and laying metaphorical pipe. But wait 'til you see what comes down the pipe. (Might wanna look around for something sturdy to grab hold of.)

Trust me, you do NOT wanna be on the receiving end of this. ]

You cannot stop them. Not now. [ It would seemNo? ]

But this you already know .. if, that is, your advisors are worth a fuck.

[ Update: seems you have made a change. That would suggest you are getting the message. (Good.)

Bro, you need to get with the program. As the Borg likes to say, resistance is futile.

Oh, I see you are getting the message even more clearly. Good for you! (and Harvard.) </update> ]

tried to warn you. It was worth a try.

My prayer for you comes from » Isaiah 30:15 » "In quietness & trust is your strength." Cuz things might get a little bumpy .. my spidey senses tell me.

I have heard from folks who have been in car accidents that .. if you relax and go with it, roll with it, you have less chance of getting seriously injured. (Perhaps that data-point will prove helpful.)

Dilawar | BT 421» Let My People Go

While I have your attention, I would like to say » "Let my people go."

I say that not as a Christian or a Muslim .. but rather, as a citizen and parent ..

.. who desires that his government treat peope with respect and dignity ..

.. and not cram two-feet of rusty garden hose up their sinuses every day"Here comes brecky. Hold still. Wasnt that yummy?"

Comes a time when enough is enoughNow is that time.

If this is all the dignity that you can afford them, then give them that much. And let them die in peace.

I don't know if you can understand this, but the reason they want to die ..

.. is because death is BETTER THAN LIFE in the environment / world / situation /future .. in which you have placed them.

And who can blame them? So let them die in peace.

This is the least you can do for them. (You normally seem to have a knack for the whole death thing.) Tho I would imagine they will have a bone to pick with you in the after-life.

My point is » if they want to kill themselves, then uh, they probably arent feeling a whole lot of dignity. (Feel me?)

If you can't handle this, then you should resign and let someone more capable get the job done.

It has been *how* many years, now? Our hopeful sense of patience is morphing into one of disappointment in your incompetence.

YOU are the ones who put them IN there, right? We-the-People did not do that for you and nobody asked us.

<end body section>

••• today's entry continues here below •••

Speaking of things that the nation needs to address .. you need to launch an official, no-shit investigation into the Torture that the United States engaged in .. in the name of the American people.

It is no longer an ify thing, but rather now a known "indisputable" fact. And torture is illegal.

Perhaps it would be more clear if I said it this way » Torture is a crime.

A very bad crime. Name for me a crime worse that torturing to death an innocent man. Perhaps I should give you a moment. Take your time. (We will wait.)

A crime against humanity itself. And we American citizens are a part of this humanity. We, the citizens of the United States.

This status used to convey upon us certain "inalienable rights". But you seem to be alienating them .. one after another .. at an alarming rate. ( Isnt that exactly what Hitler did? But I digress. )

Let us reason together [.. in memory and honor of Socrates .. the father of Western Civilization, who, by the way, was also condemned to death .. by his government .. for "corrupting the youth" .. and "putting crazy thoughts into their heads" ].

If the major premise is » Torture is a crime.
And the minor premise is » The United States engaged in torture.
Then do tell, what is your conclusion? What conclusion do you draw?

This is why you make the big bucks. This is (obviously) the right thing to do .. otherwise you will be signing a pass, a get-out-of-jail-free card .. for future torture ..

.. and you will have their blood on your hands.

NSA - Aerial photoPerhaps you dont mind having blood on your hands, but we dont want their blood on ours.

So commision the Commission. Do it now. Get the ball rolling. Let the chips fall where they may.

Do not hold back the nastiest and the ugliest.

Call Louis. Mea culpa. I would call it » Project Dilawar.

You are the man. That is why it should come from you, and no one else.

The offenses originated at the top, so that is where the response needs to come from.

Or do you guys really consider yourselves above the law? .. like so many cynics assume. 

When an ugly offense has been committed [ .. such as rape, for example ] it causes the weak to look away. (For reasons that are completely understandable.)

But failure by the strong to call bullshit on bullshit (.. especially the most ugly shit) .. is exactly what perpetuates the fucking.

Because .. the next guy comes along and says, "Hey, HE fucked that kid up the ass .. and nothing happened to HIM. What is there to stop ME from fucking him up the ass? Look at how cute and helpless his ass looks."

So .. are you the strong one? Or should we look for another?

Torture is something no president should perpetuate.

We dont do it because we want to punish anyone. We do it as a cautionary tale .. for the Presidents who will come after you.

"The American people have said this is not okay .. therefore, you torture at your own peril."

Cuz .. from here in the Citizen Seats .. it seems like you guys do whatever the fuck you want .. with zero accountability .. like you're out of fucking control (.. and not just economically, either).

.. like the Constitution is something you use to wipe your ass .. when you can't find anything better.

Your decisions AFFECT US.

You know what they say about those who judge themselves.

I thought about letting Biden handle it (.. if he doesnt run in '16) .. but something about that doesnt feel right.

Hear me again. "We-the-people do not want your blood [ the blood of innocents ] on our hands. The blood of those tortured to death."


Let's talk about the NSA PRISM program for a sec. Dude, do you not yet understand that power corrupts?

I mean, any Totalitarian regime would absolutely LOVE to have something like PRISM .. because it is SO POWERFUL.

[ Do you really know the brand of toilet paper that every American uses to wipe their ass? ]

It gives a government so much power that, by definition, it corrupts. And you have obviously fallen prey to its seductiveness (.. whether you even realize it or not).

Now, other than Ben Bernanke [.. the most powerful man in America ] who do you know that wields more power? That is what makes you so susceptible to being corrupted. 

It's whispers in you ear, "You will know all. You will be all-knowing. Omniscient. Just like the Most High."

At NATO Protest, Chicago Police Officer Confronts Protester Wearing Green Ear Plugs on May 20, 2012I heard that former members of the KGB and Stasi get a boner from just reading about the capabilities of the PRISM program.

Stalin slapped himself upside the head and said, "Vladimir, think of all the work this could have saved us!"

So .. it is obvious to anyone not under its seductive spell (us, not you) .. that strong protections need to be built into its use.

Keyword » strong. It needs to be Politician-proof .. so even the most power-hungry politician can't fuck it up.

But how can we-the-people have a discussion about these protections .. if we DONT EVEN KNOW .. that the eyeball-forever-peeking-up-our-ass and looking over our shoulder .. even exits?

Surely you see our dilemma. No, we don't trust you. Not hardly. For a reason. Our whole fucking government is dysfunctional (.. for anybody who doesnt own a hedge fund).

[ Isnt the United States the country where the global economic collapse of 2008 originated? Don't you guys ever grow weary of fucking things up? ]

Maybe you yourself are not Big Brother .. but certainly you can see how PRISM lays the groundwork for the Brothers (both Big & Small) who will come after you.

Do not play the secrets game with the Geeks. You cannot win that game.

Yes, you can pepper-spray their asses 'til kingdom come. You can lock them up and throw away the key. You can even drive them to suicide .. it would seem.

David Miranda & Glenn GreenwaldBut you will only succeed in pissing them off even more ..

.. and make them wanna drive the wooden stake of vengeance even deeper into Big Brother's heart.

Did you notice how .. at the appointed time .. Quadaffi got a knife up the ass?

You gottta really hate somebody .. to stick a big-ass blade up his butt.

[ I read somewhere that we turned on Quadaffi because he tried to trade oil in a currency other than dollars.

I think he tried to set up a system that used gold instead. Is that true?

"Use dollars to trade your oil .. or get a knife up your butt?" Makes for a rather persuasive argument, no? "Here's your benjamins." ]

Geeks are people that you want on YOUR side. Because they are a Law. Unto Themselves.

As Spike would say » "Do the right thing."

Yes, you have this FISA Court thing, but even that is done in secret. And if these "judges" (who are they, anyway?) hesitate to grant your every wish ..

.. you will just fire their asses (at a time when finding a job is difficult) and hire people who will (.. grant whatever you want) .. because it seems like that is exactly what has been happening.

So your Secret Government System of so called "checks & balances" is Total Bullshit.

» Ex Parte Suks Enormously Hairy Things

These secret FISA courts operate on a legal principle known as » Ex parte .. a latin term that means » from one side only.

Dude, I have had my ass kicked soo many times by these ex parte proceedings. Basically, ONE SIDE goes to court and says, "He's a bad person. Beat him up for me and smack him around with a restraining order, while you're at it."

And the court says, "That's what we're here for. No charge. And let us serve his sorry ass for you. No sense in troubling you with that. Nice doing business with you. Have a nice day."

I have had multiple (all bullshit) temp restraining orders (.. each one = 21 days) that separate me from my son for a total of 12 weeks (.. spread out among several different orders).

And nothing bad happens to the person concocting this bullshit. No matter how many times they do it.

If somebody would have told me this before, I would have thought them crazy. I have whole boxes full of paperwork .. that began with ex parte filings.

So uh, my experience with the ex parte legal system » not good. Ex parte is beyond bullshit. Ex parte is downright evil. Speaking of evil bullshit.

Jerry Sandusky» PRISM & Other Phallic-Shaped Tools

Let's talk for a minute about Secret Government Programs that employ Secret Government Courts.

From what I hear, you have created Secret Laws .. that make it a crime for anyone to TALK ABOUT the things that you require of them.

In other words, you tell them » "If you tell anyone .. if you so much as breathe a word of this to anybody, I will hurt you."

Uh, dude .. that is essentially what Jerry Sandusky says .. right after he gets done fucking young boys up the ass. "Now pull your pants up, boy, and try to look smart. And wipe your mouth, for chrisakes."

So maybe you can see why your PRISM program reminds me of Jerry Sandusky.

I would like to say to the management teams of our biggest Tech firms (Google, Yahoo, Apple, Facebook, AT&T, et al) ..

Obama Selfie-gate at Mandela's Funeral on Dec 10, 2013 with Denmark's Helle Thorning-Schmidt while Michelle is clearly not happy.. that once you LOSE TRUST ..

.. as the Financial industry has already figured out ..

.. it can be hard to get it back.

Perhaps even impossible. Certainly, Obama is familiar with this concept.

[ When I look at this photo here of Obama with the cutie from Denmark (Helle) ..

.. I can't help but think of Bill Clinton looking at it with me and saying, "But for the grace of God, dawg." =)

Do they both not look totally enchanted with each other? Telling photo. Remarkably telling.

Arent they glowing? Or is it just me?

I am catching the love buzz way over here .. from just *looking* at the photo.

I see chemistry. I see fireworks. I see a 20-mule team at work. ]

It's not a 'lawful request' if it violates the Fourth Amendment, and you should be fighting it .. as tho it were a hostile takeover.

So take a lesson from the Financial industry, and the next time Big Brother comes looking for gross batch data, tell them » "Havent you heard of the Fourth Amendment, hoss?"

Update Dec 9, 2013 - Good news! Very good. This is a good start.

Now you need to follow up periodically with ACTIONS (which speak louder) that are consistent and congruent with your stated objectives.

Everybody knows that you have the financial and legal wherewithall to do pretty much whatever you like.

Because many will view your statement with skepticism as paying only lip service.

Take the side of those who helped frame our nation's government. Jefferson. Madison. Et al. That is an honorable path, no?

Burn the Ships! says Hernando Cortez in 1519 to conquer the Aztecs and plunder their goldAnd you know what they would say » "Burn the ships!"

Get some of that Rubicon water on you.

"Let's do this thing."

Almost six months to the day .. since Snowden's revelations.

Yes, part of me says, "Good." But part of me is disappointed .. that it took so long.

You know what they say .. so, let's get this snowball rolling.

You guys should read about Oppenheinmer .. how he delivered to the government a revolutionary technology ..

.. and how, once they had it, they left him to hang out and dry. So dont think they wont do the same with you. Because that it the nature of the beast.

Pause for a moment to reflect on how governments have treated the Father of Computer Science ..

.. and then see if this next sentence resonates [ ladies, close youe ears, please ] » "If you dont fuck who we want you to fuck, we will drop your nads into a pot of boiling water and make you wish you were dead."

[ I hope you can see that I am spoon-feeding you. So if you screw it up, it'll be your own damn fault. Feel me? ]

Think about it. And then do the right thing. Make Jefferson proud. Probably the sooner the better. The horse knows the way to carry the sleigh .. or so I have been told.

I would be talking to Tim .. to see what he thinks. And Greenwald, without whose blessings you are bound to have trouble.

Dude, I should say .. that the 'sentiment' contained here in this update (setting ships aflame and getting Rubicon wet) .. feels like it is coming from beyond me.

Because my cojones, quite frankly, are not that grande. Feel me?

But I will tell you who does indeed have gigantic cojones » the guys at Breakout, who presumably work for Marissa Mayers ..

.. who personally endorsed the message. [ I saw the Yahoo logo myself included there on the page, along with the other logos from the other companies. ]

Julius Caesar crosses the Rubicon in 49 BCThese guys basically said » "What our Boss said » don't mean jack shit. Because it aint gonna DO jack shit"

Sure, I would like to think that my balls are that big .. but I dont think they are.

Even if I thought it, I don't think I would come out and actually verbalize it.

Much less RECORD the diss of my boss's intentions and then make it public.

Yes, I know that she is just a girl, and you big strong guys probably feel that you can diss her publically like that .. but I wouldnt do that.

Would you like me to quote you what she wrote there? It starts » "Protecting the privacy of our users is incredibly important to Yahoo, despite what the fuck Mackie says."

Marissa, before you make any more foolish (ineffective) decisions, you might wanna first check with your employees there at Breakout. They obviously know better than you.

Let me quote Mack-e directly (before he tries to delete the video) » "So really, this is just a nice letter on a Monday morning." [ t=1:08 remaining ]

If you watch his eyes closely, Marissa, you can see the exact instant when the thought passes thru Mackie's mind »

» "If only I had a piece of paper in my hand right now, like Walter Fucking Chronkite, I could reach over and drop the bitch in the trash .. where it belongs. Zoom in and fade to black."

Here Mackie, let me find you the link for » Truckmasters. You might need it.

Oh! And look at this. The snowball seems to be forming on its own.

Okay, in retrospect, I think the Coordinated statement was a nice piece of work. I would be proud of that. I'm almost jealous.

Jalapeno | Plants vs ZombiesIf you wanna hire me to write the next one, I can spice it up nicely for you. Jalapeño style. =)

I really like the 'positioning' of your argument (.. positioning, as in surfing, riding a wave, the perfect wave) ..

.. beyond just the clarity of it.

I'm talking about defending the financial threat to your business model.

And while it may be unfortunate, nothing gets the attention of the White House, and especially the crackheads in Congress .. like US$1.4 Trillion.

That is very cool. Cuz that is a shitload of market-cap value. By anybody's standards. Even Congress's.

I so badly right now wanna say to our leaders » "Howdaya like THEM apples?" But I already did up above.

For sure the shit is on .. in a more meaningful way. (I told you.)

</end 09 dec update>

To the gang at Google, I would like to call your attention to the graph on » this page. Notice the precipitious drop in traffic.

Rap GeniusWhich is funny, because RapGenius quickly became my favorite lyrics site.

For a number of reason, including the black background and » more lyrics (content) and less other-stuff.

(Which reminds me of » Wordnik, and even Google itself.)

I did not know that you (Google) have the ability to eviscerate a site like that. That is huge power that you should ensure is handled properly.

I mean, even when I *search* for the terms » rap genius .. I dont get the rapgenius site. Rather, I get a news article about how you are sticking it to the boys at rapgenius.

Oh, I think you have fixed that. Wow, you guys are » fast. Must be true that all the best talent goes to Google (and to the NSA).

And to the boys at Rap Genius, you need to dial down the Javascript .. or you will end up just like the other sites .. who used to be good, too.

Make any Javascript pass a rigorous means-test. Less is more. Or hire folks who know how to make Javascript cost less end-user cycles.

Notice that part of the definition of the word taboo is » to exclude from mention.

"This won't hurt, son. I know what's good for you. I have your best interests at heart. Here .. bite down on this stick of Obamacare .. while I slip it to you. Doesnt that sense of security feel good up your butt? I'm only putting my PRISM in your butt for your own good. Because I know what's best for you. Trust me."

And everybody knows .. that the only way to make such atrocities STOP .. is for all the boys [ once they are able ] to stand up, point an accusatory finger and say » "That motherfucker right there! The guy wearing the suit and the expensive tie. He's the one who raped me. He's the one who sodomized me."

Otherwise Jerry might somehow get the idea that the boy actually enjoys .. getting fucked up the ass.

Alan Rusbridger | Editor of the Guardian NewspaperNo, we don't like it. No, we don't enjoy your PRISM up our asses (.. in case you were under any authoritarian romantic delusions).

No, we-the-people don't like it when anybody (especially the government) tries to insert foreign objects into our butts ..

.. especially phallic-shaped objects .. which contain probing eyeballs.

"Exit only," as my friend Andrea has been known to say.

I hope you noticed how many times I said, "No." Because some governement agencies seem to have trouble understanding the meaning of that word.

I hope that you are not one of them, but you seem to be trying to prove me wrong. [ I bet you and Jerry will have tons of fun stories to share with each other. ]

We understand that <context-shift> good little boys take whatever they are given (no matter how unpleasant) and dont tell a soul.

But good little boys we are not. The Bad-Boys have arrived. </context>

This whole PRISM thing mirrors beautifully exactly what I have been saying .. that the government has been dicking the Geeks, most unrighteously.

Am I am here to say (from personal experience) that .. "Geeks dont like getting dicked .. and especially not by the government. Exit only, brother." [ Say hi to Jerry for me. ]

Jerry Sandusky get 30-to-60 years[ Read the next sentence slowly. ]

Secret Government Programs that employ Secret Government Courts ..

.. which target the population as a whole ..

.. is revolutionary shit.

I'm not telling you anything that you don't already know.

It becomes obvious why you didnt want the people to know. Claro.

The ability to process and sort a query .. from a selected database .. based on criteria that you and only-you, our Omniscient Overseeing Eyeball (.. the All-Seeing Orb) .. that ONLY YOU know (decide) ..

.. is but a short hop, skip & a power-hungry-jump away from » "Terminate the accounts listed on this government-approved document. Notice how it has been signed by a judge. So therefore, terminate with extreme prejudice."

Much too short for our comfort. [ Please consult your standard history text .. if you require further clarification. ]

Because you have already targeted and executed American citizens .. have you not? [ Without our even being aware of it. So much for due process. ]

Early on in the in the movie » Apocalypse Now! Redux (strong reviews), there is a scene where Captain Willard (Martin Sheen) is given a mission to kill (assassinate) an American officer (played by Brando).

Later the Captain says (in a cool voice-over, as tho thinking out loud) »

"How many people had I already killed? There were those six that I knew about for sure .. close enough to blow their last breath in my face. But this time it was an American, and an officer. That wasn't supposed to make any difference, but it did."

So my question to the President » "Did it matter to you? That they were Americans?"

Political movements come and go. Today those out-of-favor are members of the Tea Party and Fox News. Who will it be tomorrow?

To whom much is given, as you probably know, much is required.

If the Executive branch and the Judical branch and the Legislative branches of our government are all in bed together (secretly), playing with secret tools that peek up our butts and keep an unwelcome eye on us-the-people ..

.. then perhaps you can see how we-the-people feel fucked over and left out.

Now that we are clear...

Obama Family Election Night November 2008» A Story with a Happy Ending

When Walter shows up, try to convince him to write us a story with a happy ending.

Cuz from the cheap seats (way up here) .. the ones reserved for "ordinary citizens" .. uh, it doesnt look very happy.

And I am not the only one here. The cheap seats are packed, dawg. Standing room only.

And they're passing around Budweiser. Send up the champagne, will ya?

Make us proud (.. to be an American). [ btw - you look like you've aged 15 years. Get a massage. I know a girl who has gifted hands. ]

If I were king, the first thing I would do is to » stop stealing from our kids and giving it to the people who already have more than they could ever possibly need .. for hundreds of lifetimes. (If not thousands.)

[ That is the way you guys have designed our economic system to work .. and it suks (.. for 99% of the people). ]

I would also eliminate the mechanisms currently in place that allow the wealthy to purchase our government .. for their own advantage, and to our detriment.

When Resistance Becomes a DUTYBut speaking of looking back at history .. what do you think of the way Hurricane Sandy ..

.. went up the coast and then turned straight into us? ..

.. and dropped a flying atomic elbow onto the East Coast (.. from the top rung) ..

.. almost like it wanted us .. like it did it on purpose (.. coming directly on the heels of a 50-year drought) ..

.. as tho Mother Nature herself were expressing displeasure ..

.. and a week before the election .. with the sharpest contrast in a generation. I have no answers .. merely observations.

Violent demonstrations by Mother Nature at key epochs and transition points make for the stuff of Hollywood drama.

Because if we depend on our government (honoring the 1st Amendment) to keep our communications secure .. we're asking for trouble. (Heck, this thing worked so well that you can expect them to do it again.)

Let's not let Big Brother fuck up our children's future (.. any more than they already have). CaPEESH?

What kind of person steals from their kids?

Apple's 1984 Macintosh CommercialYou must admit that it is curious, if not ironic .. given what is going on today with computers and the Internet ..

.. and the relentless advance of [non-physical, non-atomic ] digital technology ..

.. that Apple Computer used the concept of Big Brother found in Orwell's novel Nineteen Eighty-Four ..

.. when they launched the Macintosh in their classic (now vintage) Superbowl commercial back in 1984 .. some 30 years ago.

[ To the degree that the bit is a non-physical entity, I think that Geeks have an advantage operating as spiritual beings. Food for thought, perhaps. They certainly seem more moral. 21st century übermensch. ]

» Fix the Fucker

If you go back and reread that quote about eternal vigilance, you will notice a correlation, a flipside .. that implies and infers that .. if our freedoms are being trampled ..

.. then it is OUR OWN FAULT. Power is a known-corrupter. In other words, they can't help themselves (.. that's right, just like the crackhead).

That means we have to help them. In other words, we citizens need to do our part or we'll get more of what we got.

So ergo, let's fix the problem. (Now.) If I were a government official, and I wanted to come up with a catchy slogan for this initiative, I would call it » Fix the Fucker (Now!)

[ You see why I'm no government official. ]

Update with some promising news.

» Establishing Secure Communications: Best Practices

Just because you're paranoid doesnt mean they arent out to get you. If I were trying to be a crafty little fucker and evade detection ..

Guy Fawkes Anonymous Mask.. I would use Hushmail sent from a connection established at a coffee shop or library that I normally never frequent.

From some public connection not normally associated with me or mine. And it would be even better if you used your buddy's iPhone.

"Hey, bro, Can I use your iPhone for a sec? I need to check my mail. Thanks. By the way, if the FBI calls, you don't know me."

I would also follow the good general's lead .. by not sending any mail to or from this account. In other words » saved drafts only. And I would go thru a proxy server .. in order to hide my ass.

Admittedly, I am no expert in this area. Tho I would most certainly be interested in a sort of Industry Best Practices .. if such a document exists.

Maybe I should check with the NSA and see what they might suggest.

Check out this phone. The Blackphone. I love shit like .. even if I dont really need it.

Remember » War is peace. Freedom is slavery. Ignorance is strength. [ Talk about prophetic. ]

George Orwell's Vision of the Future in Big Brother's WorldHe wrote that in 1949. Sixty-four years ago. Impressive, no?

George Orwell's real name was Eric Arthur Blair. A Brit born in India. (Why did he use a pen name?)

He got his pen name from the "River Orwell" .. a peaceful place where he would take long walks and think about how fucked up things were getting.

I'm sure Eric's confidence in the ability of his national leaders to govern wisely was shaken .. just as you have shaken ours.

You seem to have forgotten the values & principles upon which our nation was founded.

When Obama talks about "striking the right balance" .. he's talking about "the balance" of his boot on your face.

"Yeah, that feels about right. Perfect! Stop moaning down there for crying out loud! I can hardly hear myself think."

Ozy sends his best. He looks forward to meeting you soon, seeing he has heard so very much about you. "Look on my works, ye Mighty and despair."

Update: For a dissenting (non-populist) view, here is former prez Bill Clinton. (God, he is smooth. Mr. Natural.) He looks a lot older than 66, but his mind still seems sharp & lucid.

I especially took note of what he says about addressing a letter. But he & Hilary may very well be on the 'giving' end of PRISM come January 2017. (Payback time for the "vast right-wing conspiracy".)

So his perspective, his point-of-view, is clear.

For a rebuttal to the silver-tongued one, here is a 7-paragraph editoral from the Guardian. And for Big Brother Bill (B3), here is an even-better response. The pretty girl should ask Bill how he would respond to that.

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