The Laptop, The Road & Long John Silver

 Been having more trouble with my laptop. Now it's blue-screening midway thru start-up (at different points) .. followed by an automatic hard-reset. Sukus maximus. Only option is Safe-Mode (with Networking), which is where I am now (nasty 640x480 rez).

Palm treeThe problem is intermittent, tho a normal restart is becoming increasingly rare. This machine, I suspect, may be on its last leg. Lots of hard Rad miles.

I hate safe-mode. Torture for techies. Like nails on a chalkboard.

Speaking of torture, I saw The Road last night. (The movie.) Left me feeling .. weird.

Probably should've waited. Obviously wasn't ready. In retrospect. Felt yucky afterwards. Disturbed. Took a shower before bed .. to try to wash off the ickiness.

While reading the novel, I was able to put down the book if the story started getting to me. (Never read very many pages in any single sitting.) Not so however, with the DVD. (One-day rental.)

I thought the boy did a great job, acting. He wasn't just along for the ride (.. so to speak). Viggo, I expected to do a good job. Same with Charlize. But not the boy. Speaking of which, I really like the way the lady reached out and touched his face at the end.

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I also liked the part where his wife says, Why are you taking a bath? And he answers, I'm not. He knew they were gonna need water. Made the story seem more genuine. Details.

Another line that got me was when the guy tells his wife, We'll survive. To which she responds, I don't want to just survive. In the book, it says, "There are some things worse than death."

Whenever I get to thinking about my trials & tribulations, stories like this make me realize how good I really got it. Sometimes we don't realize how good things are until the things we take for granted disappear. (Ever had your water turned off for a day?)

After returning from a 3-month trip on the submarine, the Dog and I would spend time genuinely marveling at simple things, like the green-ness of grass and how blue the Hawaiian skies looked. The way tall palm trees swayed in the breeze hynotized us. The tropical breezes blowing gently across my skin felt captivatingly sensual. The warmth of the sun downright delicious. Things we used to take for granted.

Good movie to see right now » Invictus .. since the World Cup is going on down in South Africa.

Did you know that the guy who wrote the poem after which the film is named was the source for Robert Louis Stevenson's pattern of Long John Silver in his classic novel Treasure Island ?? (.. which is the Bug's all-time favorite bedtime story.)

Henley's left leg (like that of Long John Silver) was amputated just below the knee .. which is why he wrote the poem. He was bummed about losing his leg, but refused to despair. Which is why Mandela found strength in it lines.

In other words, Long John Silver wrote the poem Invictus, which inspired and strengthened Mandela during his 27 years of imprisonment on an Island, off the coast of Africa. Small world, no?

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