".. and *that's* my dad!"


Waves crashed with a thunderous roar as we strolled along the pier at Balboa. We were returning from dinner at Ruby's, located at the end of the pier (.. here in Newport Beach). The sun was fixing to set and the pier shook with each monster that broke below. Woohoo! Did you see that? Quite the spectacle.

Balboa PierThe Bug tore off down the pier on his razor (scooter), leaving me behind.

I saw him come to a screeching halt a stone's throw away. He stopped near a mom and two kids his size, who were heading this way. He said something before pointing back this way. Then he took off down the pier again, heading beach-ward.

Did he tell you about the big waves? I asked the mom as she approached.

Yeah, he did, she said, smiling. Then her arm made an arc'ing motion as she pointed up toward Ruby's, saying (enthusiastically) » Then he said, 'AND *THAT'S* MY DAD!'

Maybe you had to be there, but I floated along 6 inches off the ground when I heard the way he'd said it .. like he was proud to have me for his dad.

He has a belly full of french fries, I called out after they'd passed by. So he's a happy camper.

Parenting is mostly a lot of hard work. And most of it goes unappreciated. Kids expect you to dedicate body-n-soul and nothing less. And they'll let you know the minute you come up short. So it's nice to get these unexpected appreciations (treasures).

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Before this, my favorite vignette came when I arrived to pick him up one morning before he was a year old. I wasn't able to see him for a long time, and had spent much time (and money) in court to get an order to let me see him again.

Balboa PierDada, he said thru the screen, looking up as I approached the door. He remembers me, I thought.

That was really cool. Other incidents have been more dramatic, but that simple "Dada," has always meant the world to me. (Still does.) It has always been my #1 favorite .. until now. Cloud 9.

I work hard at filling him with as much unconditional love as I can muster, especially while he's in his developmetal years. (And I've taken my lumps doing it.) There's nothing like the feeling of being loved. And (like Porsche) there IS no substitute.

I only have him for a few days each week, so he gets a concentrated dose. With kindergarten approaching, I gotta say » I'm likin' what I'm seein'. He is pretty cool.

Guy at the coffee shop asked the Bug if he could fly his helicopter good. Bug said, Yeah, I could give you a haircut. =) At least, that's what the guy told me when I returned with my coffee & bagel. (Same guy who gave me this.) I can't believe he said that to me. That's pretty good. How old is he?

Techwise, I'm still working on learning PHP, but had trouble with 'returning values' (from user-defined functions). Last week I learned that a dollar $ign and a capital 'S' may look alike, but not to the PHP engine, and that you can't 'call' a function from WITHIN a function. (Well, you can certainly try .. like I did.)



Don't quite follow you saying that you "can't 'call' a function from WITHIN a function in php".

I do it all the time.

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