The Bug's First Theater Movie: How to Train your Dragon

Took the Bug this week to see his first theater-movie. Actually I've taken him before, but this was the first time he stayed awake and didn't want to leave after 30 mins. (He recently turned 5.)

How to Train your Dragon (Dreamworks)I knew it was gonna be cool, but it turned out even better than expected. Very satisfying .. especially since I was feeling bad about blowing off Cirque du Soleil. We made a big deal of the occasion. An event.

The whole experience was cool » from the initial planning (anticipation) to walking there as the sun started to set.

Heck, even standing in line to buy tickets was fun .. as were the neat discussions we had on the way home. (I had a dream at mom's I was flying. Like Peter Pan.)

Perfect, summer-like evening. We had fun the next day, too, telling folks about our first-timer's experience.

The theater is close enough that we could walk there, tho the Bug rode his razor (.. a scooter, which he wheeled into the theater and right up to our row).

I taught him how to choose the perfect seat (as described at USC) » Imagine the screen lying on the floor. Find where the top of the screen would fall. Move back 5 rows and sit close to the center.

We arrived early enough to see the previews, which was fun in itself. Oh, we definitely gotta see that one, dad.

First half of the movie he sat in he own seat, which seemed to swallow the little guy. Later he climbed on my lap. (He has the best-smelling hair. And the softest.)

We saw How to Train your Dragon. (Dreamworks 3D.) Girls might not enjoy this movie. Definitely boy-flick.

I'd just finished reading him a book titled » The Ice Dragon (100 pgs), so we were definitely primed for dragon-riding adventures.

» Dragons Do Not Like It When You Try to Steal Their Treasure

Before that we'd read about the #1 baddest dragon of them all (.. during bedtime story-time) » Smaug .. who lives on Lonely Mountain in 'The Hobbit' .. or There and Back Again.

Smaug does not appreciate when people try to steal his treasure. Puts him in a downright foul mood. And you know how ornery dragons can get. Nobody rides Smaug .. and lives to tell. Ask Bilbo.

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How to Tain youe Dragon posterThe movie's subtext is about dealing with the challenges associated with understanding people who are different from us. A theme that's pertinent to the multi-cultural society in which we live.

Strong reviews. Easy to recommend .. if, that is, you enjoy riding dragons. (Or know somebody who does.)

People from different cultures have always fascinated me. They often see the world differently. Understanding their perspective can be a rewarding, if not mind-expanding experience.

We watched the trailers a few times last week and got good-n-psyched. I've been waiting for this day for a long time .. to introduce & share this cool experience with him. Seeing a movie with a large group of friends is one of my favorite joys.

Movies are a big deal here in Southern California (where the Hollywood clan pitches its tent). The Dog used to LIVE up in Hollywood (walking distance from the sign). I spent much time visiting him there, taking in the sights & sounds .. including the museums & cafes. Tho he has since moved back to NYC.

And I used to date a girl who went to USC Film school (graduate Production) .. probably the finest program of its kind. [ USC claims their graduate Film school is harder to get into than Harvard Law .. percentage-wise, when you compare the # of applicants to the # of students seated .. 50 per semester, or 100 per year. ]

I attended many classes with her, plus shoots & screenings. Even built for her a video-editing rig (SCSI-based), from scratch, back when such things were not so easy. [ I'm still convinced that hi-perf rig I built made the difference that allowed her (as an undergrad) to get into grad school at USC Cinema. She laughs. ]

Nothing like having your house filled with truckloads of film-making equipment, and carefully stepping over people asleep on your kitchen floor. Ah, the life of a student filmmaker. (Mas.)

How to train your dragon? Stop trying to kill him and be nice to him.

Best scene comes near the end, where boy + girl are standing on high bluff above the ocean:
"Boy: "300 years and I'm the first Viking who wouldn't kill a dragon."
Girl: "First to ride one, tho. ... I bet he's really frightened now. Whatdaya gonna do about it?"
Boy's answer: "Ah, probably something stupid."
Girl: "Good, but you've already DONE that."
Boy: "Then something crazy."
Girl: "*That's* more like it."

Morale of the story: To get the feisty hot warrior-chick, you gotta ride a dragons and be willing to do crazy stuff." =) [ Ain't it the truth. ]

For more along these lines, here's a Google search preconfigured for the query » how to train your dragon movie film review

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