Cirque du Soleil & a Confession

Few months ago I was sitting in church (minding my own business) when the minister read aloud a verse of scripture that said something like » 'Whatsoever things you ask for, you shall receive.' (I forget the exact verse.)

Cirque du Soleil - KoozaAnyway, that scripture stuck with me .. even after the service was over. Almost like it was following me around. Couldn't stop thinking about it.

While walking to the car (out in the parking lot), I kinda got the impression god was telling me, encouraging me, Go ahead. Do it.

Now, I normally never pray for 'things'. I figure god already knows what we need. (There's even a scripture that says as much.) So I see no sense in bothering him to ask for more 'things'.

But there *was* something I wanted » to take the Bug to see Cirque du Soleil. That's something I had been thinking about ever since I heard the circus was coming to town.

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So (there in the parking lot) I prayed (as officially as I could) that I would be able to take the Bug to see Cirque du Soleil (which would be coming to town in another month or so).

Week or two later, I'm sitting in the coffee shop one Saturday morning, at a table with a guy I'd met years ago at the 24 Hour Fitness in Newport Beach. Fellow Navy dude who now works in a Financial Services group. We used to trade old war stories while throwing around iron plates.

Rather muscular fellow. Very fit. I usually see him there (at the coffee shop) with a different hottie. Never the same girl twice. I think this was the first time I ever saw him there solo. In fact (come to think of it), he's the same guy who grabbed my arm in the post titled » Dating the Single Parent. Major extrovert. (Probably good at sales.)

Anyway, I'm still half-asleep, waiting for the caffeine to kick in, when an article on the front page of the LA Times catches my eye. The paper is being read (held up) by someone sitting at a table on the upper level. I squint to see the headlines .. something about » Cirque du Soleil & KOOZA.

Cirque du Soleil -  KOOZAMy buddy asks what I'm looking at. I motion with my head & say, "Cirque du Soleil's coming to town."

As god is my witness, he says (without any hesitation), "I bet your boy would really enjoy that. How 'bout if I treat you two?"

Now, I never told ANYONE about that prayer. Not a soul. Not even the Dog. Heck, I'd even forgot about it myself .. until that day.

This guy is not the least bit religious (.. that I know of, anyway). He had met the Bug a few times .. both there at the coffee shop, and also down on Balboa Island (where he lives), when we ran into him while he was running (and sweating). He stopped to chat.

Anyway, his offer startled me so that I immediately felt wide awake. I mean, Cirq tickets are not cheap and I immediately recalled the prayer. He gave me his card and kept insisting I call. He seemed enthusiastic .. like he really meant it.

Long story short, I felt funny about accepting his offer. Probably related to pride. I wasn't sure if he wanted to come along, bring a date, or just buy our tickets. Plus, I didn't really know him that well. Maybe this was just an excuse, but I told god it would be better is He just sent me the money so I could buy my own tickets.

Sure enough, week or so later, I get the biggest-ever donation the site has ever had .. more than enough to buy a pair of tickets. (Way more.)

Then however, again, I started having second thoughts .. rationalizing how I should really be buying other things .. instead of tickets to Cirque du Soleil (.. to a show that will last only a few hours).

In the end, I never did go. Kinda feel now like I shoulda. But it's too late. The circus came and went.

It was either an answer to prayer or a pretty good coincidence. Wouldn't ya say? Nobody had ever made such an offer before (or since). I mean, how many times has someone (unrelated) offered to take you and your kids to Cirque du Soleil? Me? Once.

Cirque du Soleil - KOOZAWhatever the case might be, I'm feeling disappointed. (Maybe even guilty.) It never really bothered me until today.

The Bug woulda dug it, I'm sure .. the lights in the darkened big-top, the colorful costumes, the dramatic music, the amazingly talented acrobats & performers, the festive environment. But most of all » the enchantment.

Confession, as you know, can be therapeutic. What gets me isn't so much the coincidental offer (surprising as it was), but rather how that particular verse stuck with me so persistently, even after the service had ended .. as if urging me to act on it .. maybe even daring me.

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