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(Beware the ides of March.) Reader mail. Matt from Brooklyn writes to mention some freeware he likes. [ That reminds me: I need to update the Rad Freeware guide. ]

Indian Point nuclear plantI've received some other recommendations from other readers. Have you noticed how freeware just keeps getting better & better? I normally watch FileHippo to see what software has been newly released and periodically demo different programs. See here for Matt's note & recommendations:


I really like the collection of freeware you have listed on your site. Here're two programs I didn't see that you might like.

(1) RightMark CPU Clock Utility - for underclocking a processor. It saved my laptops from overheating. See this for details.

(2) Sandboxie - for separating programs (esp. Internet browsers) from your system.

Matt, in Brooklyn, NY

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I worked at the Indian Point nuke plant for a year before I came out here (to California). IP sits on the Hudson River, some 30 miles north of the City. Crafts-people from Brooklyn (welders, fitters, electricians, etc.) would drive up to help out during the site's refueling outages. All had strong New York accents.

Very colorful bunch they are. Entertaining. Funny as hell. Few can get me laughing as hard as a group of guys from Brooklyn.

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