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 Here's a site worth bookmarking » TED.com, Ideas worth spreading. TED stands for » Technology, Entertainment, Design. Topics covered however, are not limited to those 3 subjects. Learn more » here.

The site contains over 700 high-quality videos .. in the form of lectures .. on a variety of topics, such as this one, given by Sir Ken Robinson, who says "Schools kill creativity." Similar topic posted here.

This one on world poverty, for example, is a real eye-opener. His animated graphing charts are remarkable.

Interesting how he considers 'culture' the single most important goal for development (getting out of poverty .. at t=16:40) because it brings joy to life .. and represents the value of living.

I started with the TED-page labeled » 'Most favorited of all time.' (Link located in menu.)

Many of the TED lectures I found intellctually stimulating. Love ideas that make me THINK & challenge my preconceived notions .. such as this one on the 'paradox of choice.' The secret-to-happiness is revealed at t=15:00. He drops a bomb at t=18:00 to t=18:30.

The only presentation I found disappointing was the one given by Malcolm Gladwell. Maybe my expectations were too high. Only video I watched twice was the one by Vicktor Frankl (only 4 mins). Richard Sears delivered the most timely lecture (.. if you can call it "a lecture"). This one on motivation was particularly interesting. Downright fascinating. (Funny, too.)

Techies should not miss this one on UI. Makes me wanna watch Minority Report again. Here's another about Pakistani kids who become suicide bombers for the Taliban. Need a strong stomach to watch that one.

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Even Bill Gates gave an interesting talk .. on a subject you might not expect » energy. Energy is my gig. I mean, nuclear is a form of » energy. [ In school, we wrote it » 'nrg'. ] So I know a little about energy.

Speaking of BG .. few have done more to redeem their reputation. He's making a real difference in the lives of the most vulnerable. Go Bill. Godspeed.

Most of the presentations are short. The cram much info into a condensed form. Some of these speakers dedicate their whole lives to the topics they discuss. On the downside, the site seems dependent on Javascript. So you'll need to have that enabled in your browser.

For more along these lines, here's a Google search preconfigured for the query » ted ideas worth spreading

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