Geeks vs the Government | Game On - Part 3/3

» This entry is Part 3, continued from Part 2, which is posted here » Geeks vs the Government | Game On - Part 2. It was split into three parts in order to adhere to principles of web site optimization.

Guy Fawkes Anonymous MaskAnd now, without further commercial interruption, we present the conclusion of » Geeks vs the Government | Game On.

» Because they are not forgiving, like me. Like an angry African wasp, they will sting and KEEP stinging .. until their asses are good-n-sore. (That's why you dont want to provoke them.)

You see, Geeks tend to stick together (.. like worker-bees in a HIVE) .. cuz [like you] they feel a connection to one another .. due to similar interests, values, and mind-sets.

Obviously this is something you understand quite well. (Too well, some might argue.) Tho unlike you, geeks are also comfortable operating as a lone wolf. Also unlike you, Geekdom recognizes no international boundaries.

The Rich-and-the-Powerful vs the Geeks-and-the-Rebellious. "More popcorn, please."

Now you might find this difficult to comprehend .. perhaps even impossible .. but, while you can certainly rent-a-Geek, you can't buy them. Because Geeks are NOT ABOUT THE MONEY.

In other words, they do not place the same value on money that you do. Tho they may pretend that they do .. in order to make you feel more comfortble with/about them.

Because they know that you do not trust anyone who won't sell their soul for pieces of silver (.. like you already have). Have you sold grandma yet? (I heard that somebody saw her listed recently on eBay.)

The only people who want to be part of your corrupt SY$TEM are corrupt themselves. So you should not hold it against the Geeks if their sense of justice (or their sense of right and wrong) differs from your own.

lightning bolt strikes empire state bldg nycGo look in a mirror and you'll see what I mean. From what I can see, they possess superior morals & better ethics than many of you.

You think there are just a handful of hackers, or hacktivists, as they are called. But there are more behind them ..

.. far as the eye can see. And some of them are much badder, and more clever (.. which is why you dont know about them).

Do the math. Analyze the statistics. "A wasp by any other name," said the Bard, "stings just as exquisitely."

We now have a whole generation who have been raised on coding .. who cut their teeth on powerful programming languages. They speak the language cuz it runs thru their veins. (With more on the way.)

So you should not be surprised to hear that it was a Software Engineer (named Waed Khalil) who made the first list-of-demands by the Egyptian people and posted them on his web site.

[ Not sure if he has any fingernails left. Typing suks with no fingernails. Blood everywhere. ]

If you boil down the difference between you and them, you come up with the following philosophical contrast » they feel/believe access to information should be freely available (OPEN) .. whereras you feel it should be controlled & restricted.

That's why the Geek approach is » "Long as you guys aint fucking up or doing stupid shit, you got nothing to worry about."

[ In other words » dont fuck up, and dont do stupid shit.

Because it's difficult to question your foolish decisions if nobody knows about them. Hence your designations of "SECRET" and "TOP-SECRET" and "TRIPLE TOP-SECRET". ]

Open vs Controlled & Restricted. Now WHO do you propose should be the one doing the controlling & restricting?

But once you start talking about INFORMATION and information technology [ IT ], and the communication or transfer of that information .. now you're talking about THEIR world (.. the shark's world). Cuz that's where they live.

Right now you have people working for you who hold top-secret clearances. And if you are paying them to do unethical shit, there's a chance that their conscience will start to bother them. (That's why you should only hire people who have no conscience.)

And if they work in IT, they no-doubt have IT friends .. who likely know other IT people. You see my point. It only takes one. The odds are against you. Sure they work for you (because you pay them well), but they are Geeks at heart.

Chicago NATO Protest | May 20, 2012» The DUTY of Honorable Citizens

Knowing what I know about you, I dont think you will "get it" ..

.. that civil disobedience is a DUTY for honorable citizens .. when their leaders are fucking up in grand fashion.

But hey, there's always hope.

Yet I must express my reservations. Because I would be surprised .. if you *did* get it. So here's a bit of official speculation » you will never see it coming. Like a ghost. =)

None of this would be necessary if you guys werent so blatantly corrupt .. so motivated by greed for the almighty dollar. How many yachts can you water ski behind?

You are obviously not strong enough to resist the corrupting influence of power.

[ But I've been praying for you .. that you smarten up .. before you piss off the hive.

They are just playing now, tuning their wings. But if they get really pissed, they will come after your ass .. with a vengeance. And then you're fucked. (Give me points for clarity. Ozy sends his best.)

I shouldnt need to remind you that Geeks gave you the atomic bomb .. the power of the sun itself .. by no means their last trick.

But you are smart people, too .. or you wouldnt be where you are. So start making smart decisions .. because it appears you are playing with fire. (And the Hammer cometh.)

Despite an abnormally low tolerance for incompetence, corruption (viruses & other malware) & bullshit in general .. that tends to send them into that nasty stinging frenzy you've heard about .. geeks are actually very nice.

You neednt worry about them taking over, cuz Geeks dont care much for Politics (.. which they consider inherently evil). They only get upset when your bullshit starts to affect them.

But you guys really fucked things up in the Credibility department, and that will be difficult to repair. ]

Dont say I didnt try to warn you.

I'm not saying it IS .. but you can call this the Rad prophecy .. for purposes of labeling and identification.

Because .. it can be downright difficult to recall names ..  when your dumb ass is trying to dodge lightning bolts. =)

••• today's entry continues here below •••

All you have working for you is the illusion created by the monetary system. For now, that buys you all the pepper spray you could ever want. But it will not last.

At NATO Protest, Chicago Police Officer Confronts Protester Wearing Green Ear Plugs on May 20, 2012Cuz it's smoke & mirrors .. cuz banks can't function if everybody comes and wants their money at the same time ..

.. [ because they have LENT the vast majority of their deposits .. too much of it to people who are increasingly hard-pressed to repay ] ..

.. and that illusory deal is coming apart as we speak .. despite your best efforts to hold it together.

Because it's all based on TRUST, which you guys suk at instilling. (I mean, just look around.)

Long as Jon Corleozonie is walking around Wall Street in an expensive suit .. nobody is going to trust you guys .. because they know that the laws you write do not apply to you and yours.

Let's put it another way, a way in which you guys might better understand » until Jon Corleozonie and his "I plead the Fifth," cronies swap out their expensive threads for standard-issue prison jump-suits (preferable day-glo orange) We the People are never going to trust you guys.

[ By the way, "I plead the Fifth," (Edith O'Brien) means » "I'd rather not tell you guys about all the illegal shit we've been doing over at MFGlobal .. cuz you guys might use it to send us to jail." ]

And TRUST is based on you keeping your » promises, which seem increasingly difficult to keep.

You guys have obviously promised too much to too many. So which promises will you be breaking? and which will you be keeping? The ones you made to your campaign contributors? That's what everybody is expecting. (Cuz that has been your most recent historical modus operandi.)

But before you answer that, you want to get on the Right team .. while you still can. A Representative from the Agency will be contacting you shortly. Probably looking for some kind of commitment. =)

Dont say you werent warned.

Hey! What's that buzzing noise? Sounds like a swarm of angry wasps. A LARGE swarm. Hovering just overhead. Actually, they look more like hornets. And they dont seem to be searching for honey.

I think they want you to return the children's lollipops. That would be a good place to start. An excellent place. ■

Albert Einstein (1879-1955) Patron Saint of Rebellious Children EverywherePS: Game On (1848 + the Internet)

PS - One more thing .. that I just noticed » the final paragraph in the Anonymous response to the NATO Report. It reads:

"Your only chance of defeating the movement which binds all of us is to accept it. This is no longer your world. It is our world - the people's world."

"No longer your world" .. them sounds like Revolutionary words to me .. like a Declaration of Independence if ever I heard one. Or maybe a declaration of mutual DEpendence,

[ Geeks tend to be blunt and to the point. Cuz that's how coding is. ]

So it looks like the shit is already on. [ Where have I been? ] Game on, dawg. [ Feel like I missed the kickoff to the SuperBowl. ]

NATO is an acronym that stands for » North Atlantic Treaty Organization, which is headquartered in Brussels, Belgium. NATO was founded in 1949 after WW2. It has been weakened by the Euro Zone crisis.

By the way, geeks work at NATO, too. Heck, they RUN NATO. And they have the advantage of knowing/seeing who will win in the end. So their allegiance at this point is purely financial. Here's a piece on NATO done by Kenneth Roth at FP, titled Deleliction of Duty.

[ And I shouldnt need to remind you that everything you have .. your entire infrastructure .. RUNS ON CODE. (Built by Geeks.) ]

You know things are BAD when the rebellious, the defiant, the nonconformists, represent the only chance for our children's future. This should be quite a show. Somebody pass the popcorn.

George Bernard Shaw said:

"The reasonable man adapts himself to the world; the unreasonable one persists in trying to adapt the world to himself. Therefore all progress depends on the unreasonable man."

Occupy Wall Street vs NYPD at New York Stock ExchangeWe're in the midst of a culture shift. Can you feel it? Out with the old, the corrupt ..

.. and good riddance, you makers of war, you torturers, you mortgagers of our children's future .. in with the new.

Your generation must really be proud of its accomplishments .. trashing the environment, trashing the economy, trashing our children's future, trashing the lives of millions ... both here in America and worldwide. Multiple wars.

"Ye shall know them by their fruit."

The only thing that seems to be thriving under your tenure is your own retirement packages and the paychecks of bomb manufacturers.

One gets the impression that a room full of monkeys with a handful of policy darts could've done a better job.

If you consider how the national DEBT is exploding, along with the growing wealth disparity .. do you not get the feeling / impression that the country is being financially strip-mined ..

.. before the Overlords head off to greener pastures (.. with the Green) .. leaving us behind to fend for ourselves?

That's what I would do .. if I were an Overlord. (Look around.) Switzerland, maybe. Or Austria. Someplace with mountains and plenty of clean, fresh air & water. Once the money is off-shore, it's easy for the people to follow.

Here's another metaphor for the state of our Economy .. tho one I did not make up myself » the economy, for most Americans, is LIKE a car driving down the road with the pedal to the metal, the accelerator floored .. and yet the car is barely sputtering along.

I actually like this metaphor better than mine .. not only cuz it's simpler, but also because its accuracy is more obvious. But so much for originality.

[ You will notice that I did not take credit for the KEY IDEA behind the focal point in my New Years eve entry, titled » Using Hitchcock's Notorious KEY Shot to Focus on Political Palms .. tho that entry did contain many orginal ideas, as I already discussed. ]

So what is going to happen when the fiscal & monetary nitrous oxide turbo boost is turned off? Because, if you dont turn it off, there comes a point when it simply runs out on its own.

And not only will it run out, but now you [ or should I say » WE, the American people ] will have to REPAY what you have squandered. So please, fix the REAL problem first.

Gene Sharp | How to Start a RevolutionThe American People

You guys are always spouting off about "the American people" .. what we think or what we want or what we feel.

Let me tell you about the American people. The American people have a problem.

See .. when both Democrats & Republicans merely represent different sides of the SAME dysfunctional, corrupt, corporate-sponsored political coin .. that's a problem.

A BIG problem .. for us, the American people. [ Similar to how Hannah noted that Communism and Nazism were merely two sides of the same Totalitarian coin. ]

Now "Politics" and the political system (government) is YOUR bailiwick .. so we [ the American people ] need YOU to fix the problem.

Because .. if you can't (or won't) .. that leaves us [ the American people ] few options. Feel me? (I've already told you how Geeks feel about "problems".)

Because the SY$TEM [ as currently implemented, giving an unfair advantage to the wealthy ] is "unworkable" .. from a citizen's perspective. The words 'corrupt' and 'inequality' come to mind.

I can assure you, it would be better, far better .. for everybody .. if you fix the problem(s) yourselves. Our tools are much more .. crude.

In the vernacular of the common man » "You folks need to get your shit together" .. and by that I'm specifically including a sober reference to a solution that addresses our children's heavily mortgaged future.

Our nation has HUGE problems facing it, and things seem to be getting worse .. yet you continue to play those silly, childish political games. I know you're not TRYING to scare us .. but come on, guys. (Or *are* you?) To whom much is given.

Both you guys act like you're more interested in getting re/elected than in fixing the problems. Time is getting short. If your advisors arent telling you that, then you need to shitcan their asses and hire some smarter ones.

Baby eating a lollipopCant you see the water in the toilet bowl going round & round? Maybe you need to come take a look from our perspective. (How would you like your rice-n-beans prepared?)

At this juncture in our nation's history, when the American people MOST need our leaders to come together and solve seriously daunting problems, you guys seem LEAST united. Ever. (In our history.)

If it's the LAWS themselves that are the problem .. then change 'em (.. or at least try to make it look like you're trying).

And if this challenge proves too difficult, or too much for you, then you need to step aside ..

.. to make way for more capable leaders to navigate us thru these turbulent, dangerous waters. (Everybody was certain the Titanic was unsinkable. Remember?)

Because of this mess that you've gotten us into, we need troubleshooters right now .. not more politicians.

Because we (obviously) need to » modify the SY$TEM .. so that PEOPLE are more important than MONEY.

Read much Thomas Paine lately? He was one of the Founding Fathers. Might wanna brush up.

Gene sends his regards, I'm sure.

Ciao. ■■

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Indignados | The Outraged | Spain May 2012Note - today's entry was orginally posted last month, on April 21st.

On May 15th, I changed the entry's date .. to honor the 15M Movement .. the Indignados. The Outraged, who took La Puerta del Sol. Tunisia » Egypt » Spain's Indignados » OWS.

So .. what follows here are updates made subsequent to the original April 21st posting.

UPDATE - April 23, 2012 » This is interesting. Do you not find the TIMING curious? .. when compared to the date of this entry (.. posted 2 days ago). I dont know what to make of it, but I certainly find the timing curious.

UPDATE - April 26, 2012 » This certainly seems important. I never even heard of CISPA before. Looks like the beginning of the end has arrived.

A shout out of 'Thanks' to Mr. Orwell (1903-1950) .. for showing us what it would look like. Very perceptive, George. Only 28 years too early.

By the way, George ".. is best known for the dystopian novel Nineteen Eighty-Four (1949) and the allegorical novella Animal Farm (1945), which together have sold more copies than any two books by any other 20th-century author."

Spring of Nations Revolutions of 1848/49

Here's a little history lesson you might find timely. Back in 1848/49 came "the first (and only) Europe-wide collapse of traditional authority" (.. 164 years ago). I'm no history buff, so you should probably do your own research ..

.. but, from what I've read, the reason WHY the revolutions (.. which "began in France and immediately spread to most of Europe and parts of Latin America, including over 50 countries") .. were put down "by reactionary forces" was because:

Spring of Nations Revolutions of 1848/49"There was no coordination or cooperation among the revolutionaries in different countries."

Does not the Internet & cellular networks (.. which connect people in different countries) seem to address this shortcoming?

Certainly food for thought .. especially when you consider how one of the first things that the Egyptian government did during the revolution .. was to shut down the Internet. Same goes for Syria.

Think about how Geeks designed the Internet to be » without a single command point .. without a "head" so to speak. And if a creature has no head » it cant be cut off.

What have you noticed about all the 21st century social movements? Coincidence?

By the way, these are the revolutions that the Czar feared would spread to Russia (.. and take his head from his shoulders), which is why Dostoevsky was arrested (on April 22, 1849) and subsequently shipped off to Siberia for 4 years ..

.. but only after the Czar had first staged a mock execution .. exactly 8 months later, on December 22nd (.. a date the Mayans would likely not object to), which caused at least one guy to go stark raving mad. (He never did recover.)

That's how I know about the Spring of Nations revolutions of 1848/49 .. from my studies about the LIFE of Fyodor Dostoyevsky, who spent 10 years in prison and exile for "antigovernment activities".

If, by the way, you happen to find yourself drawn to the writings of Dostoyevsky, you definitely want to get the translations done by Richard Pevear & Larrisa Volokhonsky (.. an American/Russian husband/wife team who live in Paris with their two tri-lingual children).

Fyodor Dostoevsky (1821-1881)I was reading Notes from Underground (1864) last night before bed .. the book whereby "Dostoevsky became Dostoevsky." His first masterpiece.

From the intro (Richard Pevear):

"The Underground Man (nameless) is one of the most remarkable characters in literature ..

.. one who has been placed among the bearers of modern consciousness, alongside Don Quixote (Cervantes), Hamlet (Shakespeare), and Faust (Goethe)."

and also » "brilliantly violating literary conventions in ways never before attempted."

And here's what the Underground Man says » "Until you've been to the end of yourself, you've been no place, my friend."

That could turn out to be a timely message .. because Nietzsche felt he could hear "the voice of the blood" in Dostoevsky's Underground novel.

So Fyodor lived thru the Spring of Nations revolutions of 1848/49. Well, sorta. (Sounds like Arab Spring, no?)

I leave you with a portrait of Dostoevsky and a passage from Habakkuk:

For the vision is yet for the appointed time;
It hastens [pants] toward the goal and it will not fail [lie].
Though it tarries, wait for it;
For it will certainly come, it will not delay.

The End. ■■■

Note - On June 22, 2012, I posted a follow-up entry titled » The SY$TEM is about the Money (more than it is about the Kids)

Part 1 of today's entry is posted here » Geeks vs the Government | Game On - Part 1

For more along these lines, here's a Google search preconfigured for the query » geeks vs government revolution of 2012

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