Cool Ultra-Vivid Dreams

» I've been having the coolest dreams. The kind that are so vivid & realistic that they stick with you long after you wake .. so striking & vibrant that they seem to be trying to tell me something. (But what?)

DreamingI'm always intrigued by dreams in which things happens that I didnt know could happen, and in which I do things I'd normally never do.

This suggests it wasnt my imagination that produced the dream. (For how can my mind produce a scenario it doesnt know is possible?)

I mean, there have been stories of inventors getting breakthru's in discovery from dreams, or upon waking.

These dreams have been coming right before daybreak. I wake from them, feeling all their tingly freshness, and replay the scenes as day begins to dawn .. thinking about what (if anything) they might mean .. given their striking vividness.

I used to date a girl who seemed to have remarkable insight into dreams and their interpretations. (No, her name wasnt Sigmund.) She'd read some books on the subject. Initially I was reluctant to share, but gradually I became comfortable opening up. Before her, I never gave dreams a second thought. (She said I had cool dreams.)

Japan Airlines» My Daring Precision Pilot

My most recent dream had me seated as a passenger in a commercial airliner. We were leaving Japan (.. a place I've never visited in real life. I've been to Korea twice, but never Japan.)

The pilot was obviously skilled. While taxi'ing, we rounded the control tower like a Porsche on two wheels, after which he gunned it. Immediately we were heading up a ramp that resembled a pier (long, straight, narrow & elevated) .. with a slight incline.

Looking up I could see the sky. "Oh my God," I said to the guy seated next to me, "there's no roof." Wind swirled about the cabin, tousling hair everywhere. The roofless design felt free, liberating, not confined, sorta like driving a convertible .. yet risky, even dangerous.

About that time a retractable roof started to slide forward into place, slowly  .. similar to a giant sunroof on a car .. or a rag-top on a convertible. Before I knew it we were airborne .. tho not far off the ground.

Walking down the pier-like ramp, passengers were heading toward us from the parking lots (on their way to the airport terminal) with their bags in tow, satchels slung over their shoulders. Some ducked as we approached. "Wonder if the wheels are up," I thought.

The gnarliest part came when the pilot flew UNDER a bridge shortly after takeoff. Trucks and busses passed across the elevated structure above.

Dreams of FlyingThe maneuver was dangerous but it was clear he was a hotshot pilot with precise control of the plane. A ex-military pilot who was bored by flying commercial aircraft.

[ How do I know these things? (An ex-military pilot, bored by flying commercial aircraft.) I dont know. I just did. You know how dreams are. ]

That's when I woke .. right after we flew under the bridge. My first impression .. was that my life felt like it was being piloted by a hotshot with precision control .. which led to plenty of excitement .. but at times seemed dangerous, if not downright reckless .. if it werent for his skill & precision. And how I felt like a passenger on this crazy ride.

I also thought how weird it would be if Japan went to war in the near future (.. military pilot no longer content with flying commercial).

Commercial implies commerce, and commerce can be a source of international friction. And we all know that Japan has had its share of problems recently. Unlikely, but not unreasonable.

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University of Laguna Beach» An International Academy

In another cool dream (.. bright, sunshiney, sparkly), I was selected to attend a new school .. that trained people to serve as Advisors to world leaders. The first such class of its kind.

Far as I know, in the Waking World, no such university exists. Nor have I ever even heard of such a thing.

So where does an idea like this come from? In my dream, I was surprised, cuz I never applied to such a school.

[ Everybody there already possessed a college degree, and came from a variety of backgrounds, not only educationally & geographically, but also socially & economically. ]

The campus was located in Laguna Beach (.. told ya it was a cool dream). Six people from each of the major G-20 nations were selected. The curriculum was devised by current & former heads-of-state of these member-nations .. seeing they had the best idea of what skills & insights their successors would need access to in the near future.

Along with professors borrowed from the nation's top universities, instructors also comprised a political, social & economic who's who. Practicality was blended with theory. Reality with idealism.

All students would spend time visiting the other nations, where they would become familiar with their respective cultures, histories, economies & problems. There they would be addressed by these world leaders and members of their ruling government.

The school's goal or aim, it seems, was to avoid the destruction of the planet .. by attempting to proactively ease political tensions, and to minimize the corrupting influence of contribution$ in the decision-making process.

These notions however, were never made obvious. Never explicitly stated. This is merely what I intuit.

[ Wars, as we all know, are often started by a single decision .. based on imperfect if not faulty information. And these wars often prove exceedingly difficult for nations to extricate themselves from.

They are fabulously expen$ive to wage (money better spent elsewhere) and cause untold human suffering, often at the expense of innocent bystanders. If such an Advisor program were able to preclude or circumvent even one unnecessary war...

We now live in a world where the destruction of our planet is possible with a single decision. ]

After graduation, students were expected to serve as Advisors to the leaders of their respective nations .. sort of like the way ambassadors do .. their advantage being their unique perspective, which came from the international insight they had acquired, and also the relationships they had developed with other students from the other countries (.. who were now serving as Advisors to their own leaders).

Each nation had their own campus. All campuses were built in very cool places. (Ours was in Laguna Beach. The government spared no expense .. when it purchased a large parcel of the picturesque seaside community.)

Students would travel from one nation to the next .. spending several months at each location .. over the course of a 6-year program. At the end of 6 years, 120 Advisors would graduate (.. 6 from each of the 20 nations).

More would graduate every year thereafter .. as new crops of recruits continued to rotate thru the international system (.. with each nation devising its own curriculum).

The Places We Live | Slums & GhettosVisit Developing Nations

At each location, students would also spend a few weeks in one of the Developing countries of G-20 developing nations.

There they would meet with the leaders of these (developing) nations, hear about their problems, and visit their slums & ghettos.

In my dream, I was there at the school on the beach in Laguna (bright sunshine, sparkling water) .. as students scrurried about just as classes were getting started.

Standing outside my first classroom I watched other students file inside as I tried to call my mom to tell her the news, but I couldnt get thru. (Mom died many years ago.)

Throughout my dream, I had the impression that standards were high and non-hackers were shitcanned with prejudice. I suspect this notion carried over from my experience in/with military schools.

Anyway, I've been having dreams like these. Ultra-vivid, stick-with-you-long-after-you-wake dreams .. that seem to be trying to tell me something. (If such a school existed, this might be a sign I should apply.)

If I were to psychoanalyze myself, I might propose this deam suggests a concern for government(s). Where's that Dream-girl when you need her? ■

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