Taking Dreamweaver CC for a Creative Spin Around Adobe's 64-bit Block

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» Adobe Dreamweaver CC & Enabling Maximum Creativity with the Creative Cloud

Adobe Dreamweaver CC (2014)Update .. my curiosity got the best of me so I downloaded and installed a trial copy of the new Dreamweaver (called "CC") ..

.. and took it for a creative spin around the new 64-bit block .. to see what it's like.

Wow. What a piece of software. What a well designed piece of software.

Elegant. Smooth. Rock stable. My first 64-bit Dreamweaver experience. Beautiful. I'm definitely impressed.

Tho I'm sure that the performance gains due to this new quad-core-based 64-bit laptop (10 years newer) have something to do with this favorable impression.

I must say .. that the interface is quite different from the CS4 version that I have become so accustomed to, since it was first released autumn of 2008. So it has been some 6 years to the CC 2014 release.

This current version [ "CC" ] was released Sept 2014. A development span of 6 years. A lot can change in the world of web design in 6 years.

CC stands for » Creative Cloud. I like the way that Adobe markets themselves (pimp their wares) .. as [ a suite of ] » "The World's Best Creative Apps".

Difficult to disagree.

Adobe bought up, over the years, all these different creative digital apps and committed themselves to developing them into suite of creative capabilities that work together in order to produce the most creative environment possible. No mean feat.

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Dreamweaver now runs on a subscription-only basis for $20/month .. if you sign up for a whole year. The annual plan costs $240. And if you just go month-to-month, that will cost you $30/month.

Adobe Creative Cloud (2014)Creativity has always interested me.

The process of creating something that has never before existed seems to imitate the divine. No?

This article however, says that the new Creative Cloud and the "controversial financial aspects of the subscription model" ..

.. are probably not worth the upgrade from CS6 (released May, 2012 .. a 3½ year development span from my version of CS4).

This article contains a direct comparison of Dreamweaver CS6 vs CC 2014.

While I can see how these CC 2014 upgrades bode well for the future of web design and web development ..

.. such as including all the HTML5 elements and most of the CSS3 properties and expanding support for jQuery .. a Javascript library that makes it easier to use JavaScript. ..

.. I would not upgrade myself to CC 2014 if I had Dreamweaver CS6. Because I do most of my work in Design View Mode, and not in Live View Mode.

And I only enter Code View when necessary, which is not very often.

Tho I know my way around Code View pretty well. CSS is more complicated to understand and use than HTML code (mark-up). Considerably more.

So that if you understand how to use CSS, then you understand HTML code (mark-up). [ The 'M' in HTML stands for 'Mark-up' ]

Adobe Creative Cloud | Tornado BrewingWhen I get a chance, I am going to lift out this section on Dreamweaver CC and transfer it to its own separate entry ..

.. because the topic seems to require its own page.

Update - Looks like I must have got a chance because the lift-n-move is done.

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