Better than Jail - An Enchanted Getaway

» I was in JAIL this time last year. How would you commemorate something like that? Moment of silence for the fallen? Dos Equis? A massage? Wear shiny bracelets? Fingerpaint? Stay locked in your closet? Or get out and about?

Pool at Enchanted Rad GetawayI spent the day at a friend's. An enchanted place .. specially from a kid's perspective.

Many little nooks-n-crannies to explore. Dozens of winding paths to follow. Fruit trees galore. Just like the garden. And the largest collection of bird houses you've ever seen.

And a tree house. Did I mention the pool? How about the horses? Mostly arabians.

Arabians make pretty horses. Their smaller heads make them look sleek, elegant.

The Bug loves the place. "Dad! This place is amazing," he says. "And it keeps going. When does it end?"

"Never!" I told him. "It keeps going forever. TOLD YA it was cool!" =)

He specially likes to challenge me on the putting green.

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I didnt wanna let the day pass without some kind of acknowledgement .. of the jail anniversary. Cuz this place is Better than Jail .. much better. That much is sure.

I feel a sense of sanctuary here. Peaceful. Tranquility. Rest. Gratitude.

Notice how the title of my jail entry contains the word 'First' .. which might imply a 'Second'. Perhaps there were lessons I didnt learn well enough the first time thru.

I remember writing that entry. And how I specifcally tried to change the title .. to eliminate the word 'First'.

But something didnt seem right whenever I did .. suky as that notion might seem. As tho something was telling me I should probably prepare for a round trip. So I didnt bother to unpack the overnight bag.

We'll see next month. Trick or treat. If I were a gambling man .. I'd wager the bracelets will be back.

Update - I have a special treat for you. I posted 11 photos, which means I should probably try to find one more. Maybe the Jacuzzi.

See here for the first » Pool Viewed from Orange Grove. (Links to 'Next' at bottom of each page.) These should give you a good idea of how much better than jail my day was. =)

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