Photos from the New Digs

» Have a special Thanksgiving day treat for you. After taking readers on a trip thru the galaxy last time, I decided to stay local and show you 'round the new digs.

New Rad DigsSo I broke out my digital camera, charged the battery, and went for a stroll thru the neighborhood, where I snapped a few shots.

Always feel like I know people better after I've had a chance to visit their homes .. however humble they might be.

It might've taken me nearly six months, but today I posted nine (9) photos, all encoded to high-quality settings (with Adobe Fireworks). Each one weighs in at ~150 KB.

I tried to get into an artistic mind set before heading out. Channeling Cézanne.

Here ya go. Welcome to the new digs. Photo #1 » Back Patio, Facing Mt. Palomar (.. Next/Prev links located at the bottom of each page). Enjoy. ■

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