OluKai Sandals

» For completing the move without dying I rewarded myself with a pair of » OluKai sandals (plain black) .. made in Hawaii. I lived in Hawaii for a few years (.. with the Dog).

Olukai sandalsThese things are incredibly comfortable .. and only slightly more expensive. (The word 'Olu' means comfort in Hawaiian.)

The sales manager at Hobie's in Corona Del Mar (Newport Beach) told me, "Everybody that tries on a pair, buys them. Finest sandals on the planet. They sell themselves. See for yourself."

While chatting I showed him a photo of the Bug and Joey gave me 20% off. I couldnt refuse .. seeing I had worn a hole in the bottom of my other, not-so-comfortable sandals. (I do lots of walking.)

The OluKai's made all the other sandals feel .. lacking. These things are so comfortable that I might start wearing them to bed. =)

I also tried on a pair of Reef sandals, which had a bottle-opener built into the sole of each pair. Quite the novelty. Popular with cerveza drinkers, I'm told.

Been getting some decent donation$ recently. Maybe the economy is starting to turn around. (Thanks for the sandals. I needed them.)

Running in the Heat of the Day

Later today, at the beginning of the hottest month of the year .. I'm gonna lace up my Nike's and go for a run .. and explore the area .. in the heat of the day. Let's go meet this new place. If you dont hear from me again, it was nice knowing you.

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Lots of dirt roads here (.. for the avocado trucks I presume). Many dirts paths. It gets hot .. especially as you go down.

Soon as you get a few miles away from the beach, Southern California starts to heat up inland. "If you can run in the heat of the day, you can run any time," (.. said Dino Johnston, who ran the park at Ala Moana (Hawaii) everyday at 2PM. Long Island boy). 

Yes, I expect to sweat. Looking forward to it. ■

For more along these lines, here's a Google search preconfigured for the query » olukai sandals

Update 04.July - Okay, that run zapped me pretty good. Few days later and I'm still zonked, mellow. My shins've are still sore, and my shins usually never bother me. Every time I stop for 30 minutes, I fall asleep.

Was scary-hot in the sun at 2PM. The heat oppressive. The word broiling does not seem like much of an exaggeration .. to describe the sun here at mid-day. I got a little light-headed. Sucking serious windage.

There's an old dirt escape road .. out the backside .. in case a fire comes blazing up the front. But the gate is locked.

Might be able to get the combo .. cuz *that* would be the place to run .. like your running thru a cool tunnel of trees in the woods .. mostly flat, shaded & cool. Just you and the mountain lions.

Everything else is hills. And nobody likes running hills.

Cant believe how much I'm digging these OluKai's. Especially my feet. Hard to describe. Try on a pair and you'll see what I mean. =)

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