Enable Alternate to SMTP Mail Server Port 25 in WebHost Manager

» Biggest problem I had with moving to the new place came when it was time to send mail. I normally send mail thru Radified's own SMTP mail server (Linux-based .. physically located downtown Chicago).

Can't send email outgoing SMTP port 25But most ISPs want you to use *their* SMTP server .. so they block port 25 (.. the default outgoing mail port). It's an anti-spam thing.

Normally I call my ISP and have them unblock port 25. But this is a DSL line with dynamic IP's, which they unblock on an IP basis.

They told me I'd have to upgrade to a "Business account" if I wanted to "unblock port 25 for unrestricted access." (Uh, can you say, 'reading from a script?)

I can tell when they assign us a new IP, cuz I have to "update session" .. by providing my password at the Rad forums. That's a security feature. Change your IP and you're no longer trustworthy.

Far as I can tell, we get a new IP on a daily basis. Which involves losing our connection for a minute or two.

The Rad VPS has a static IP. Some providers make you pay extra for dedicated IPs. My account comes with 3 extra IPs that I've never used.

After beating my head against a wall for a couple of days .. listening to their litany of pre-recorded menu's (.. I hate those things) .. and going thru a few levels of their tech support .. I finally got hold of a supervisor .. who actually knew something. (Hallelujah, brother!)

Once I learned they *cant* (not wont) unblock port 25, I started plan-B .. which is obviously where I shoulda started.

Enable Port 26 for Alternate SMTP in WebHost ManagerEnabling Port 26 for SMTP in WebHost Mgr

The answer was to go into my site's WebHost Mgr (.. made by cPanel, which is based in Houston) » Main » Service Configuration (.. not to be confused with "Server Configuration").

There I found an icon for "Service Manager" .. and THAT's where I found an option to enable Port-26 (.. or whatever port you might prefer).

But ISPs dont normally block port 26, so that's why it's the default alternate SMTP outgoing mail port.

Did I just say, 'default alternate'?

Notice where it says:

Allow exim to listen on port 26. Useful for providers that block port 25.

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So now I can continue to send mail thru my own outgoing mail server, and I dont have to use our ISP's mail servers (.. at all). Took 2 minutes. It would suk to reconfigure all my email accounts to use their outgoing mail server. I have many email accounts .. each for a different purpose.

[ In Outlook Express, you set both the Incoming & Outgoing mail ports thusly » Tools » Accounts... (Select mail account) » Properties button » Advanced tab. ]

Port-110 is normally the default INCOMING mail port. Never had any problems receiving mail. WebHost Manager is a powerful configuration utility for your server. But the UNIX shell is even more powerful (.. tho far less user-friendly). ■

For more along these lines, here's a Google search preconfigured for the query » enable alternate smtp outgoing mail block port 25 whm

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