Piketty's Capital Debuts at #1 (plus Musings on Marketing)

» Did you notice that the book I was pimping earlier this year [ » Capital in the Twenty-First Century by Thomas Piketty ] was released last month and shot straight to #1 on Amazon? .. surprising everybody, myself included. ( "How do ya like me now?" )

Thomas PikettyPaul Solmon at PBS Newshour calls it »

"Perhaps the most unlikely bestseller in America." Remarkable, no?

Speaking of 'pimping' .. the very last college class I ever signed up for was » Marketing ..

.. cuz I could see that marketing (especially here in the States) is a big thing.

But I dropped that class .. cuz I didnt need it and wasnt feeling the vibe I expected.

[ Is marketing about the creativity associated with framing your product in the best possible light? Dealing with people's » wants and needs.

Or is it about » following » an » established » set » of » rules? ]

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I took two (extra) classes beyond what I needed for my degree. Marketing woulda been #3.

My point » I am stoked! that our nation is reading up on and educating themselves on such things.

Because we (badly) need some new ideas ..

.. that dont end in serfdom for you and me and our kids (.. and the rest of us without a hedge fund).

Oh, seems that John says that folks are buying the hard-copy version because » ".. even those who know they will never read it want it on their bookcase."

That's kinda sad. (Or is it?)

This Piketty guy .. he seems so down-to-earth. So grounded. So unaffected by the flash of the lights.

That's a good trick, I must admit. A French trick, maybe. (Cuz I would be beating my chest like a silverback on Viagra.)

The end. ■

Update Sept 21, 2014 » Heidi Moore, the U.S. Finance & Economics editor at the Guardian, nicely » breaks down Piketty's book for you.The best such break-down I have seen. That's why she rocks.

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