Moving Suks

» I'm tired. Been tired for a week. Woke sore this morning. Muscles ache. Had to sleep all night .. just to rest enough to know how whupped I really am. Advil helps. Takes the edge off. Better living thru chemistry. Every day the Advil-eating seems to start a little earlier.

Moving truckMy first thought after waking » Another day of box-slinging to look forward to.

Might as well get after it .. cuz if I lay here another 10 minutes, I might not be able to move.

That's the trick with moving » keep moving. Keep plodding. Perpetual motion. Slow but steady.

I'm reminded of a quote by Bukowski:

"Sometimes you climb out of bed in the morning and you think, I'm not going to make it, but you laugh inside -- remembering all the times you've felt that way." =)

Almost done. Home stretch. Few more days (.. hopefully). I could sleep for a week.

There's always more junk than you remember you had. And you always need one more day to move it all. (Oh, I think the Advil's starting to wear off.)

My secret to moving? » Ziplock bags. Ziplock heavy-duty freezer bags are your friends. All sizes, but especially the gallon-size. Makes it easy to gather up all those loose ends. Plus it's nice to be able to SEE INSIDE (..which you cant do with a box).

And you can never have a dumpster that's "too big" .. to throw out all your junk .. or too many boxes, especially the small ones.

Most people have a hard time throwing stuff away. But I can tell you that you dont really need it. If fact, it's just weighing you down (.. servicing it, both physically & psychically). The stuff we own starts to own us.

Happy Father's Day to meHappy Father's Day to Me

For Father's day the Bug gave me a 1-inch by 2-inch laminated card .. attached to a key-chain .. that read (in his own handwriting) »

I love you, bab. You are the best dad. Hape fathers da.

Hape = happy. The d's are backward in the first 'dad'. =) Too precious. May be the most precious thing I own. He printed his name on the reverse side.

I've never seen him on Father's day .. ever. (Nor Christmas.) Could be worse, I guess .. for him.

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By the way .. today is the summer solstice (.. a word which means 'sun stopping'). If E-dawg's math is correct, the exact moment when the sun reaches its northern-most range of travel, and begins to head back south .. is » 10:16 AM PDT (Pacific daylight).

I am moving to maybe the nicest house I've ever lived in .. way up on a hilltop. Gorgeous views of the surrounding hillsides & orchards. Can see for 50 miles. San Dayglo (Diego) county. I'll post a few shots of the views after we get settled.

I've always felt more at 'home' in San Diego county .. than Orange county. Orange county is more like the East coast (.. where I grew up). San Diego county is more laid-back .. more 'California-y'. More health-conscious. ■

For more along these lines, here's a Google search preconfigured for the query » moving sucks, and another for » moving tips. Lastly, here's one for » orange county vs san diego county.

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