Jung's Synchonicity & Junger's War

Been experiencing synchronicity the last few days. Not sure why. Synchronicity is when you have 'strange coincidences' that seem too bizarre or unlikely for mere coincidence, yet no other explanation exists.

Synchronicity - Carl Jung

I sometimes go for years without having any. When they do come however, they tend to come in bunches .. over a period of days or weeks.

If (for example) you never heard of the term 'synchronicity' before reading this entry, and later today a friend called to say 'Hi,' and in doing so mentioned they're reading an interesting book .. on the subject of 'Synchronicity' .. *that* would be an example of synchronicity. (An interesting or curious coincidence.)

Some people consider synchronistic events confirmation their life is on the right path. I don't know about that. But it does make for interesting curiosities.

For me (in looking back), these synchronistic coincidences seem to come at times when my trajectory in life is altered. The bigger the change, the more of these coincidences I notice. I usually feel pretty 'good' during these times. And I'm feeling pretty good these days. (I have been much worse in the past .. very dark days.) Been having ultra-realistic dreams, too.

War Sebastian JungerWAR » One of these synchronistic coincidences involves Sebastion Junger's new book » War. He's the guy who wrote The Perfect Storm. (You might've seen the movie, starring George Clooney & Marky Mark.)

Here's an excerpt from the LA Times review.

.. in hostile territory, dug into the steep hillsides at the foot of the Hindu Kush mountains and surrounded by Afghan Taliban, where soldiers ate one hot meal a day, showered once a week, burned their feces and alternated between weeks of unbearable boredom and as many as 13 gun battles a day.

He calls it the "Afghanistan of Afghanistan," remote and unconquerable, with June heat above 100 degrees and winter snowstorms, a place that previous units had said could "alter your mind in terrible and irreversible ways."

A place that could alter your mind in "terrible and irreversible ways." Think I know that place. =)

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UPDATE - Here's an interesting 'coincidence' I just noticed » Both Carl Jung (who wrote the book on Synchronicity) and Sebastian Junger (whose book was involved in a recent strange coinicidence) .. have the letters JUNG in their last name. Curious, no?

Adobe CS5ADOBE Creative Suite 5 » Adobe released their CS5 suite .. an upgrade they release every 18 months. This is the first entry I've made with the Dreamweaver CS5 demo .. which adds support for open source content management systems such as Drupal and Joomla.

Hard to believe it has been 18 months already. Where did the time go?

I have not yet had time to put Dreamweaver CS5 thru its paces. Seems stable, tho. No crashing or lock-ups.

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